How to Deal with Crowdfunding Fulfillment

admin-10 December 2019

Most start-ups would launch campaigns on crowdfunding platforms, such as Indiegogo & Kickstarter to raise money for the business, gain visibility and test the market before launching. Indiegogo & Kickstarter are two popular crowdfunding platforms, facilitating exposure for potential audiences. In 2014, the Coolest Cooler launched the biggest Kickstarter campaign over $13 million. But It finally goes south due to its postponed delivery time. A small leak will sink a great ship. Any hassle in shipping rewards to worldwide backers, such as shipping items in a short period of time, shipping oversized products and complex policies of international logistics, etc., would be obstacles in your way of success. Fulfillment solutions for crowdfunding are inevitable to consider. How to deal with the crowdfunding fulfillment so that it won’t ruin your campaign?

How to Deal with Crowdfunding Fulfillment

How to Deal with Crowdfunding Fulfillment

  1. Estimate shipping destinations

    Shipping can become complicated when your backers are around the world. The delivery time differs in regions. Make research on similar projects to estimate the regional distribution of the backers and based on the statistics, calculate the shipping costs and shipping time you need to get all the backers received the rewards at the same time. Extra fees would apply when shipping to remote areas. If the shipping costs eat up your most profit, you could decide whether it is necessary to have limits on the receiving destination.

  2. Packaging

    Despite the shipping distance, shipping costs are also measured on weight and size. Negotiate with your manufacturers to utilize lightweight material to make the products. The art of packaging could not only effectively save space, thus reducing shipping costs, but also secure the shipment all the way. Thousands of collars could be saved via elaborated packaging. For instance, we have a client take 10 cm off his packaging, reducing the “length+width+height” from 100cm to 90cm. It saved $15 per package. With 5,000 orders to be shipped, this gonna save $75,000 in total.

  3. Avoid tax and duty issues 

    If the products are stuck in Custom office due to tax and duty, it might take an extended time to fulfill the delivery. So it’d better for you to accept the intercom(DDP), that is, pre-paid tax & duties. Choose DDU(delivered duty unpaid) would lead shipment delay, as when the goods arrive in the destination port, you need to contact the backers to settle the payment. Besides, you should check whether the goods are prohibited in the destination country and prepare correct paperwork. Some express couriers support electronic clearance for the faster import process.

  4. Outsource right fulfillment partner

    Of course, having tens of thousands of backers sound good. But more backers, more arduous. Cooperation with logistics management companies could be time-saving, they could handle storage, packaging, and shipping for you.
    a. To ship timely, one way is to have fulfillment centers worldwide as buffer warehouses to get nearer to your backers. Having warehouses in the EU, US, Asia, and Australia, Nextsmartship covers a broad region all around the world.
    b. Notify your backers with shipping info. As soon as we have shipped the goods, we would send the tracking number to your backers.
    c. Various packaging materials. Nextsmartship offers multiple packaging materials for both interior packaging and exterior packaging to fit your shipping solutions.

Nextsmartship is experienced in crowdfunding fulfillment, combining multiple shipping lines, such as sea freight, air freight, expresses, etc., for your fulfillment solutions. For those sensitive items (battery, liquid, magnetics, etc.), oversized and overweight products, economical shipping lines are also offered. After your crowdfunding projects are ended, we are also ready for your bulk shipping discounts for your re-selling on e-commerce platforms.

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