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The founder and designer of Bitty Big Q, David Yeh, says he has enjoyed camping ever since he was a young boy. One thing that irked him was the size and bulk of cookware, especially the grill. He figured many other backcountry campers were experiencing the same frustrations as he was. When he couldn’t find anything, David went to work on creating his own portable grill despite having no design background. It took him about a year, with trips back and forth to China manufacturers, before developing a one-piece, foldable, compact BBQ – The Bitty Big Q. Within a short period of time, Bitty Big Q received rave reviews from customers.

Key Takeaways

After we started working with NextSmartShip, we quickly experience the difference compared to other fulfillment companies we worked before.

Prompt communication and response.

Flexibility – From individual eStore orders to bulk shipments to our distributors, NextSmartShip takes care of all.


We all enjoy the perfect gifts from Mother Nature — beautiful forests, fresh air, amazing wild lives, crystal clear lakes, and those countless stars at night. True, nothing compares to camping at a lakefront site with a couple of friends sitting around a bonfire. How about grilling delicious food or your catch of the day at the same time? It’s priceless!

However, we found most of the grilling products on the market are bulky and heavy, not easy to set up, and not easy to carry to your site. There must be a better way…

That’s why we designed the Ultimate Compact Bitty Big Q™!

The Bitty Big Q™ is a lightweight, compact, foldable and retractable, expendable grilling rack that you can bring anywhere with you!

While it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe, it is engineered using the finest food grade 316 Stainless steel, which makes it ideal for not only grilling but also baking or roasting in the oven.

Why choose Bitty Big Q™ over other grills on the market?

Our goal is to Delivery More for “LESS”. We are customers ourselves; we think from a customer’s perspective. That’s where we started.

1. Better Material = Longer Lasting = More Reliable

We use 316 Stainless steel for construction. 316 Stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant than 304, which is also food grade and has been used on most of the housewares products on the market. It can withstand much more time and abuse before showing signs of wear. This material is often used in marine products and in medical devices. Therefore, the Bitty Big Q™ will be able to keep your company in many years of outdoor adventures!

2.Better Construction and design

When our team designed the Bitty Big Q™, we made sure that it is engineered to perform the best. We focused on the compactness, and the easy and fast folding and expanding features. We made sure that the Bitty Big Q™ will truly solve an existing problem of the inconvenience to travel with bulky cookware and at the same, it will still outperform the rest with “LESS” – Lighter in weight, Easier in setting up, Smaller in size, and Stronger in construction. By reaching “LESS”, we have done “MORE”! Bitty Big Q™ is NOT just another grill out there!

3.True One-Piece Design

Bitty Big Q™ is a True One-Piece Design, where there is NO ASSEMBLY required at all. This avoids losing parts or components during the assembling and disassembling process. It takes less than 1 minute to set up and less than 1 minute to fold. The Bitty Big Q™ is the Transformer of BBQ grill!

Expand the market with NextSmartShip

With twenty-five years of experience in supply management and logistics, I have found that it is extremely important to have a reliable logistics partner, especially in today’s digital marketplace.

Even if you are a start-up or small business, your market is no longer limited by your geographic location. With the help of online platforms and eCommerce, any company can have a global reach. While this convenience expands your available market, it also increases potential competition.

Logistics and order fulfilling are a process that takes time, capital, and experience to master. In a competitive, fast-moving marketplace, I strongly believe it is far more efficient to work with a good logistics partner, leveraging off of their expertise, rather than taking the time-consuming learning process in-house.

At Bitty Big Q, we have worked with a number of fulfillment companies in the past, and all of the ones we worked with in China missed some of these important elements:

1. Response time

2. Order accuracy

3. Communication  

4. Cost competitiveness

5. Flexibility

Their deficiencies had a real impact on our schedule and bottom line.

NextSmartShip is the partner who exceeded our expectations. Now we can focus our resources on marketing and product development, and leave our orders fulfillment to NextSmartShip.

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