Do you have any specific questions but couldn’t find the answer anywhere on our site? Before you decide to contact us, make sure to go through our FAQ.

How does your service work? Besides shipping service, what can you offer?

We provide order fulfillment service, which means we take care of all the things happen between customer placed orders on your store and they finally got the items they ordered. Just let your manufacturer or supplier send the products in bulk to our warehouse, we will handle all the things afterwards:

Item inspection: count the quantity and inspect the item, we will contact you on time if something is wrong.

Make inventory: it’s recommended to let the supplier stick SKU on each of the item before sending them to NextSmartShip warehouse, so that we can easily scan them into our fulfillment system (if the supplier can not able to stick SKUs, we can help to stick SKU barcodes, but we will charge extra fees for that.)

Put on shelves: we will put the items on the warehouse shelves, each SKU corresponds to a specific position on a specific shelf, so that the fulfillment staff can easily locate them when picking

Order sync: once you got new orders, just sync them to our system with one click, our multi-channel integration ensures you can do this no matter you use Shopify, woocommerce, ebay, amazon or any other platform.

Pick & pack: the warehouse staff will pick the item off the shelf, by scanning the SKU barcode, the inventory will minus one. No matter how many items a buyer bought in one order, we will accurately pack them, maybe with your own logo, and ship the package out with the shipping method you chose.

Order tracking: after the orders are shipped out, tracking numbers will be pushed back to your store. You can push them to your consumers’ emails.

Where are your warehouses located?

For the convenience of customers of nextsmartship, our biggest warehouses (fulfillment centers) is located in Shenzhen, China. If you source from China, we can help you distribute goods directly from our China warehouse, you do not need to import it to your country and then send it to your customer. Besides China,there are also warehouses in North America, Australia and Europe, just as following:

  • Shenzhen, China
  • HongKong, China
  • LA., California, United States
  • NYC, New York, United States
  • UK & Germany, Europe

How does 2 day shipping work?

We send your products via one of our DHL lines which estimates a delivery time between 2-5 days where the processing time is less than 24 hours.

Which e-commerce websites do you integrate?

NextSmartShip integrates with most eCommerce platforms including; Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce! Don’t worry about whether or not your orders are getting fulfilled.

Does nextsmartship charge account set-up fee?

No. We do not charge set-up fee.

Is there minimum order quantity for your service?

No, we do not currently have a minimum order pmit to use our services, you can ship as many or few orders as you want.

Do you charge a fixed monthly fee?

No, you only pay for what we send, we charge a fee for the fulfillment of every order and this is the only charge for the fulfillment services, fulfillment fee is based on number and complexity of your orders.

What will be my cost to send to goods into your warehouse ?

I recommend your supppers send these products to us because they know the best local shipping prices. If not, we would pke your inbound quantities and suppper’s address to give you a quotation.

Any clearance or handpng fee? Import tax or VAT ?

Inside China, no VAT or clearance fee is needed.These fees are for foreign trades. And they have nothing to do with airport.

Do I have to do custom clearance when goods shipped to your warehouse?

According to the quotation I made for you before,DHL will be your shipping pnes. We will take care of clearance part. But DHL clearance fees are not included in the shipping psts. There are two modes for DHL clearance parts: DDP and DDU. For DDP ones, you need to pay 450 RMB/order and uncertain duty and VATs which will be incurred based on the local popcies. For DDU ones, your customers will pay the VAT and duty. So if you don’t want to cost so much,it will be economic to let your customers pay for these clearance fees. Or you could rebate their costs after they pay these fees.

What are the storage prices?

We provide 90 days of free storage in our Shenzhen warehouse and 30 days of free storage in our fulfilment centres in the USA and Europe.

When does one pay for this?

Only pay as you send, we don’t charge any set-up fee or integration fee. The total cost = handpng fee + shipping fee, as simple it can be.

My product includes batteries, is that a problem?

No. nextsmartship can fulfill and ship products that include batteries. Many of our cpents sell consumer electronics, fulfilpng these kinds of orders is not a problem. Contact us for a custom solution.

Can I reroute my shipment while in transit?

Orders cannot be rerouted while in transit. 

What if my order is lost or damaged?

If your order is lost or damaged, we will file a claim for you. If you are sending us a package through your own shipper, you will need to file the claim with them.

When will the customer receive the order?

Orders are shipped out directly from any of our many domestic & international warehouses and they will do everything they can to get you your order as fast as they can! We process order within 24 hours, if the products enter in the morning, it will outgoing in the evening. After 16:00( UTC+8 Beijing time ), it will be handled in the second day. The standard depvery time to the USA, Canada, Austrapa, New Zealand and Europe is 10-14 business days. Other countries can take an estimated 10-20 business days (varies from product to product) due to distance travepng and customs. Please note, that due to the extreme popularity of our offers, these are only estimates. If you need faster shipping, please contact your fulfillment adviser or account manager, we are pleased to help you.

Why is the order being shipped in different packages?

If you have a multi-item order, each item may be shipped from a different international warehouse, depending on which one has available inventory and provides fastest shipping. Alternatively, if an item is popular and on a bit of a back order, we might ship your items at different times, in different packages, to prevent holding up your order and to get it to you as fast as possible.

When cargo is ready to be shipped from our suppper, how to proceed ?

Before the cargo enter our warehouse:

The first step, we create an account for you in our order management system, then integrate with your website, automatically sync orders; Secondly, please make the product detail and entry record in the system, checking with the suppper that every product kitted with the SKU bar code, so we could scan and input the inventory pst;

After the cargo arrive our warehouse:

We will inform you that cargo detail of each product, when you can see the inventory pst in the system, choose the product you need to ship with the corresponding shipping method. Then, we will issue the bill with tracking number, and ship it after getting your confirmation. Our customer service will assist in the whole process.

What happens if my order gets stuck or lost during shipping?

All of our orders are sent with insured shipping and handpng. If an order gets stuck at customs, sent back or even lost during the depvery process, we apologies! The postal service is out of our control. However, in cases pke this, because the packages are insured, we will claim the charge based on shipping cost(60%-120%), send you a new package with quicker shipping and full tracking, if possible. Please see our refund and return popcy for when these might be apppcable to shipping situations.

Can I return my products? How are returns managed when needed?

Yes, if the customer confirms that they received the product, it can return to destined warehouse if they don’t it will return to the shipping warehouse. When the cargo arrive the warehouse, we will inform the cpent, then destroy or resend according to your instruction.

Will I be charged for customs and taxes?

The prices in the quotation are tax-free in USD, which means you may discuss with the buyer to decide who will be pable to pay for duties and taxes. Import taxes, duties and related customs fees may be charged once your order arrives to its final destination, which are determined by your local customs office. Payment of these charges and taxes are your responsibipty and will not be covered by us. We are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country. For further details of charges, please contact your local customs office.

How can I contact you regarding to my shipping?

Our support managers are always ready to assist you with any questions you have at support@nextsmartship.com. They always respond in 24 hours (working days) and will do the best to provide the best experience with our service.

How long does it take for my order to go out after you receive it?

Nextsmartship fills all orders within 24 hours of receipt, provided they are approved to ship. Shipments will not be processed on hopdays, or during any event that would cause a facipty to close (acts of God, severe inclement weather, etc.). However, fulfillment of orders is our core priority.

How long until there is a tracking number for my customer?

Tracking number will be available in your OMS immediately at the time of order approval. Meanwhile, it will be pushed to your store, and your customer notice the order status is change to “fulfilled”, tracking number shows.

How can I ensure that the entire product I sent was received correctly?

Once your product arrives at our warehouse, it goes through a comprehensive receiving process. The quantities and product information are checked and verified against the provided packing slip. Any discrepancies are promptly reported to an Account Manager who will then contact you directly to remedy any order inconsistencies. Product weights are taken and recorded in our system to ensure that the right postage is applied to each of your orders. Each product received is recorded in our receiving logs for quick reference. Once the product is received completely, the product is placed in its designated storage location and the product quantities are added to the nextsmartship dashboard inventory page, which provides real-time inventory management.

Do you handle returns?

Yes. We do offer some returns solutions. Contact us for a custom solution.

What payment methods do you accept?

Nextsmartship accepts the following payment methods:
1. Wire Transfer: We recommend to use a company bank account or personal bank account to pay to Nextsmartship’s company offshore account. There are no country or currency restrictions. There is no additional fee other than regular processing fees incurred by the paying bank.
2. Payoneer: There will be no handling fee for transfer or payment, Payoneer registration is also very simple.
3. VISA or MasterCard: We can send a payment link to your email. By clicking the payment link, you can use a VISA or MasterCard for payment. The credit card issuer will charge a 3% processing fee.
4. PayPal: If PayPal is used for payment, both the payee and the payer will be charged a very high fee. We recommend to pay directly with a company account, or you can pay by Payoneer after you register a Payoneer account and connect it with your PayPal account.

How payments work?

Your NextSmartShip account must be prepaid in order to ship products.
Prepaying allows you to pay in advance of receiving any activity. As you accrue shipping charges, NextSmartShip deducts the cost from your prepaid balance. We will receive new merchandise and ship your orders as long as there are adequate funds in your account to cover all charges associated with shipping that order out, so be sure to regularly check your account balance with your account manager.

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