How To Retain Customers in Changing Times

admin-6 May 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world and the businesses in it in a drastic manner. Many business owners and CEOs never expected how deep it would affect their products and services. E-commerce, on the other hand, has been one of the highest gainers during this challenging period. This is due to the observance of social distancing, which has limited the movement of people across the world.  Hence, people have settled for online shopping for most of their necessities.

However, this act has also increased competition among different e-commerce agencies, which implies that one agency can quickly lose a customer to another agency due to the littlest error.

In the world of business, customer retention is fundamental. It is, however, of higher importance for e-commerce agencies because of its low person-to-person connection. This inability can decrease customer retention rates.

These tactical suggestions below can help you retain your customers during and after this pandemic.

How to Retain Customers in Changing Times

Faster Social Media Response

Since 2014, the usage of social media has skyrocketed. Statistics show that there are over 3.5 billion social media users in the world. Of that number, 54% of them use the same platform to research and buy products. These are people that spend an average of 3 hours online per day, and that time has exponentially increased during this COVID-19 period.

In e-commerce, the usage of a social media strategy cannot be overemphasized. However, one of the thighs that need to be brought to the fore is responsiveness. While buyers can access many agencies at a time, it is now a matter of who the first responder will be.

Social media has already given you a common ground with your customers. However, giving a quick response to their questions on those platforms and making those giving your brand a positive review feel recognized can increase your customer retention rate.

Create Helpful Contents

The phrase “content is king” has remained one of the most credible marketing ideas. Customers know what they want, but quality content — which is detailed and informative — will make them more educated about what they want. It will further compel them to order from you.

Helpful quality content will create solutions to customers’ probable problems and also enlighten them about other products they would need from time to time.

This action will give reasons for customers to visit your webpage or social media pages more often. The more you create helpful content, the more they visit; the more they visit, the more they are compelled to order. This will win more customers to your site as the old ones will recommend your products to others.

Adopt Email Marketing

Email marketing is arguably one of the most effective ways to retain your e-commerce customers. When a customer makes a successful order, they should be welcomed like a family member via mail. This creates a personal feeling that your agency cares about them. To retain them, follow them up with add-ons that will complement what they bought. It can be done by up-selling or cross-selling.

Once a purchase has been made, it is easy for customers to drift away. However, you can keep them engaged with your products and service by sending recurring emails. These could be “we miss you” emails, updates about new products, and why they should buy them. Or, email them during the holidays and wishes during their birthdays.

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Prepare FAQ in Advance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is where common difficulties and questions that your potential or former customers might have on your website. And people want to always feel safe and sure before purchasing from you.

In these changing times, it would be smart to put on the thinking mindset of a customer. Create answers that relate to this pandemic and how safe your products are before purchase. Address the general issue that they are facing and assure them they remain safe with what you sell.

You must adopt an expert approach to earn the trust of your buyers. The moment your customers sense you’re unsure of the safety or the integrity of what you sell, then you’re about to lose them.

Encourage Customer to Use Self-service

Customers always have questions to ask. They want to reach out to their sellers and clear off the concerns in the minds. However, you must learn how to send them consistently to the self-service base and knowledge portal.

At these times, people have time on their hands to carefully go through what they want and the company providing it.

It is essential to make your self-service section user friendly and impute a search engine in it such that it will make the users quickly see what they want to find out.

Respond with Empathy

Almost everyone is going through the heat of this pandemic period. People want to receive mind-calming news, read things that will ease their panic, and make them happy.

The show of kindness from companies goes a long way in retaining their customers. Customers want to have a feeling that their buyers understand the predicament they are in. Therefore, they wish to receive a soothing response from everyone they come in contact with.

In the bid to be kind, be transparent about what you — your company — are going through amid the pandemic and propose possible solutions to theirs. Engage them regularly to show that you care about them.

Delight Your Customers

Everybody loves a surprise package. Your ability to go the extra mile will have a lasting effect on your customers. It shows that you don’t only care about sales but also about customers’ satisfaction and happiness.

An act that thrills and pleases your customers will make them loyal to your business and even cause them to recommend to friends. For instance, you can add some free samples or gifts to order.

Use More Flexible Fulfillment Solution

The ability to pay attention to changes and create solutions for unforeseen circumstances is the hallmark of a successful business.

NextSmartShip will continue to pay attention to the price and timing changes of different shipping methods. When the delay of one approach is severe, it will be replaced with a similar shipping method in time.

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