Item Inspection Service

NextSmartShip’s item inspection service ensures that your customers are shielded from the disappointments resulting from defective products or inaccurate orders. Ensuring that your products are of good quality before shipping protects your brand’s reputation. 

Why Item Inspection Before Shipping Matters

Ensures accuracy

Item inspection improves the accuracy of the orders going out. It also stops defective or improperly packaged products from reaching your customers. Making sure that products pass quality standards also eliminates delays in shipment.

Reduces returns

Item inspection reduces the cost of returns associated with shipping errors that could be shouldered by you and your customers.

Protects brand image

Defective merchandise, inaccurate orders, and delayed shipments offer a negative buying experience to customers. Making sure none of these things happen protects your reputation and encourages repeat sales.

Why Choose NextSmartShip for Quality Control

Damage Inspection

We carry out on-site inspections for products to ensure that they are in optimum condition when they get to your customers. If it is found that items have been damaged en route to our fulfillment center, a replacement order or discount request may be submitted to the supplier, per your request.

Take Product Photos 

We can take photos of items as we inspect your products upon your request. This will help you ensure that the custom packaging is done right. You’ll also be able to assess the level of damage for a defective product. 

Adding labels

NextSmartShip offers the label service that’s available if you receive items without the manufacturer’s barcode. We also help you fix an FNSKU label over a barcode if you’re an FBA seller or when your UPC code isn’t the favorable identifier on your packaging. 

Quantity Checks

NextSmartShip will count items to ensure that the actual number matches the number of products ordered from your supplier(s). We also confirm if the number of items packed for shipments coincides with the units ordered by customers.

We also carry out the following important quality checks:

  • Proper labeling and barcodes
  • Suffocation warnings on polybags
  • The durability of packaging materials
  • Packaging assortment for products packed in cases
  • Checking products against set specifications


NextSmartShip will re-label and re-pack items depending on the product’s default packaging. We can also organize customized packaging for products if you request it. 


We also receive and inspect customer returns, create bundles of different products, and repack damaged items. 

Inbound FBA Inspection

NextSmartShip’s inbound FBA inspection inspects your items prior to shipping to Amazon’s warehouses. We ensure your metrics stay good by reducing complaints from Amazon’s warehouse compliance teams. This way, you can rest assured that your products comply with their standards.

We can also prep your products to make sure they follow Amazon best practices for these products:

  • fragile/sharp goods
  • Baby products
  • Perforated packaging
  • Adult products
  • Granular, pellets or powder items
  • Liquids
  • Textiles and fabric
  • Apparel on hanger

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