NextSmartShip Mid-year Management-level Meeting Was Held on May 4th, 2020

On May 4th, 2020, NextSmartShip Mid-year Management-level Meeting was held in OCT East, Shenzhen. The purpose of the meeting is to summarize the work of the first half of the year and set goals for the second half of the year. Each of the participants made a presentation or summary speech on various topics. The solutions to the problems caused by the rapid exploration of the business and the unforeseen circumstances (the Coronavirus pandemic) are also discussed and determined.

NextSmartShip Mid-Year Management-level Meeting

The Growing Business

The business of NextSmartShip has expanded by 200% since January 2020. Also expanding is the NextSmartShip team. Each department has added many excellent employees. Usually, everyone is busy in their own posts, so an opportunity for communication like this one is very valuable.

Marketing and Sales

We understand that customers’ preferences vary with time and price. Hence, marketing and sales will work together to help our customers get more orders and expand their business. Their intermediary intrusion between supply and demand will be made much more flexible and firm too.

 While we have always been on the lookout for the impact of products on customers, we will strengthen this aspect to enhance our decision making.

Fulfillment Centers

We understand that due to high orders, our customers and the potential ones may think that overselling might be an issue for us in a period like this. However, we will get more fulfillment centers and make all the warehouses more tech-oriented and organized. This is because we also want to strengthen our returns by outsourcing fulfillment and put smiles on the faces of our customers.

Customer Support

NextSmartShip understands the value of customers and how their orders are of utmost importance. We have employed remarkable approaches to attain customer satisfaction, and we will seek better options also.

However, we would like to let it be known that NextSmartShip customers’ quantity has tripled since the beginning of the year. So, the workload of customer service is growing larger and larger; everyone has worked overtime every day in the last two months. Therefore, in the next six months, NextSmartShip will gradually expand the customer service team and automate the whole customer service experience to achieve a 24/7 intimate service.

NextSmartShip believes happy employees make happy customers. We know that no business can stand without its customers, and regularly so. We also know the implication of making customers sad and how it can drown our goals. We understand that a significant factor that can cause this are employees.

At NextSmartShip, we invest in the happiness of our employees to ensure that the same translates into their relationship with our customers and the prospective ones. It has also caused them to be more creative in their discussions and decisions. And this has been one of the reasons behind our success.

NextSmartShip Mid-year Management-levl Meeting

The Goal of NextSmartShip

There are lots of freight forwarders and shipping agents in China, but NextSmartShip is never one of them. NextSmartShip’s goal is to make the complicated fulfillment process extremely easy. We make sure to provide several avenues for our clients’ businesses to launch into the global space with ease.

The industry of eCommerce is gradually growing beyond manual dealings. Therefore, NextSmartShip will keep optimizing services, updating the system, and reducing manual operations to make the whole process more effective and seamless. We can safely say that though times seem to be changing, our goal towards our customers and businesses that work with us remains the same.

Speaker of NextSmartShip Mid-year Management-level Meeting

Face Challenges with Customers

NextSmartShip relates mostly with major eCommerce platforms, shipping carts, and marketplaces to help customers supervise orders and manage inventory.  Also, people’s demand for online shopping is growing during this pandemic, but global shipping is the sore spot.

In a time like this and beyond, NextSmartShip’s purpose is to help customers solve various pain points. Some of these points have been before the pandemic. However, they are now more complex, expensive, slow, uncontrollable, and more prominent during the outbreak. We are ceaselessly streaming thoughts and assessing ideas to alleviate these issues as we all await a quick medically curable intervention.

NextSmartShip wants to make it known that it stands together with customers while we are constantly updating and optimizing the shipping methods. We are also keeping our customers in the know about what is happening per time, and making the whole fulfillment process easier.

It is vital that we point out that in this pandemic period, there are lots of challenges individuals and businesses are facing, and quite a few opportunities to be had. But we would never leverage this situation to take advantage of our customers. We remain transparent in our dealings, ingenious in our services and supportive in our engagement with all of our customers.

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