fulfillment services

We understand that every ecommerce business has its own unique needs. Combining our
proprietary software, one-to-one account management and 24-hour customer service, we aspire to
provide a remarkable customer experience for our clients. We adapt our solutions to meet your
project needs, regardless of product nature or business size.


Pick, pack and ship. We’ll take
care of everything behind the scenes
from when your customer places an
order to receiving your product.


Ship your crowdfunding rewards to
backers worldwide. Say goodbye to all
logistics hassles. We’ll help you save on
shipping costs and get your rewards
delivered on time.

Subscription box

Fully automated, on-time and
accurate sub-box shipments. We’ll
handle everything from kitting to
customized packing, so you can
focus on scaling.


All the benefits of FBA,
minus the hassle. We’re experts
with Amazon’s regulations, ensuring
you’ll meet all the requirements to
fulfill with Amazon efficiently.

Grow your brand with

NextSmartShip partners with businesses across multiple categories.
Whether you’re launching a new product, or bringing your retail store online, we have the right solution for you.
Our clients have delivered thousands of orders and provided a remarkable customer experience
by partnering with NextSmartShip.

DTC brand

Production line in China? We help
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands deliver products
from your manufacturer to your customer’s doorstep.
Our flexible shipping methods allow for fast shipping
at a low cost. With global fulfillment centers, you
can ship to any destination efficiently, and
grow your business on a global scale.

Influencer brand

It is quite common for influencer brands
to receive large volume orders overnight. Such as
when celebrating a followers milestone, or the launch
of a limited edition merchandise. NextSmartShip’s
solutions will allow you to meet high-volume
logistics demands in a short time, ensuring
your follower’s satisfaction.

Retail brand

A reliable retail fulfillment process is
necessary to help your business grow. From
warehousing, pick and pack, to returns management,
we provide a one-stop solution to help you manage
customer orders online efficiently. Moreover, you
will be able to scale as your ecommerce business
grows, thus increasing your profits.

B2B brand

Handling large bulk B2B shipments?
We have the infrastructure, software system and
supply chain expertise needed for reliable fulfillment.
Our fulfillment process ensures B2B shipments
arrive on time, keeping your retailers’ stock
constantly replenished.

end-to-end fulfillment partner

Pick and pack

We are trusted by
thousand of merchants.

Starting small?

Not a problem. We see potential in every merchant, and were here to help you grow.
No receiving fee. No order minimums. Lets start shipping.