Take a guess about the environmental impact of global e-commerce…
? Billion
pounds of global E-Com plastic packaging waste in 2019
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that is not right
You got it right!
? Billion
packages delivered during the 2020 holiday season in the US
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You got it right!
marine animals die due to pollution every year
We have all been constantly shocked by data concerning environmental pollution caused by plastics. We saw it, and we forgot.

It would be unreasonable to expect to abandon plastic usage in our daily lives, especially with the global surge of e-commerce purchases. However, no step is too small in making your contribution to protect the planet, and our future.

It’s Time to ECOmmerce. Follow the steps below, become an ECOmmerce guardian, and make more people aware!
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ECOmmerce journey!
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Relax with ECOmmerce ASMR
When we can’t get rid of, or control the usage of plastics, let’s be creative, and make the best use of them!
Take a breather with this Green Packaging ASMR videos and audio. Also, feel free to create your own ASMR videos and share with us.
You can tag our instagram or tiktok on your post, and we’ll share the best ones.
ASMR Sounds of Packaging Materials
ASMR Tingles with Shipping-Box Packaging
No matter you’re an e-commerce seller, or a consumer, there are actually plenty of things you can do to walk on a greener journey. Take some inspirations from some of these tips below and take it from there:
For Sellers
Invest in eco-friendly technology
Cut out plastics from your products and packaging
Reduce paper usage - go all-digital for invoices and communications
Use recyclable materials as much as possible
Choose environmentally-conscious partners for your operation
For Consumers
Buy from eco-friendly brands - Do your research
Recycle or re-use your old packages
Shop smart -buy only what you actually need. Don’t waste
Reduce shipping traveling distances by choosing sellers closer to you
Donate or resell your products when you no longer need them
Green Lifestyle
Go organic, choose local, seasonal produce on food.
Switch off appliances when they are not in use
Fix it when possible, instead of throwing it away
Walk more, use more public transportation when available
Be conscious of your own waste - carry your garbage with you up to your final destination.
At NextSmartShip
Green packaging solution
With a purpose of helping NextSmartShip’s e-commerce clients to shift towards a greener path, we launched a refreshing green packaging solution in Sept. 2021, and provide various sustainable packing materials from inside out at multiple cost levels.

Bring Your Own Chopsticks & Spoon
NextSmartShip has been offering daily lunches to our employees for over a year. In Aug. 2021, we started to require all staff to bring their own cutlery and chopsticks, in order to avoid the usage of wastful disposable ones.

Vegan Friday
Once a month. On a Friday, we promote a healthy and sustainable vegan lifestyle by providing all our employees with a delicious vegan lunch meal. You can see more about it on our social media channels.
Next Smart Fashion
Next Smart Fashion
Bonnie Camilla
Taking action towards a sustainable lifestyle
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