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Since 1995, eBay has been an e-commerce trading platform and here are some shipping factors you need to consider.

Does eBay offer fulfillment service?

No, currently not. However, in 2020, eBay takes a step further in competing with Amazon, initiating Managed Delivery, an end to end ebay fulfillment service for big ebay sellers. As other order fulfillment companies do, the Managed Delivery would help store, pick, pack and ship. According to eBay’s statement, anyone who uses “Managed Delivery” is supposed to fulfill orders with eBay branded boxes and packages, which would enhance eBay’s identity.

What are eBay shipping solutions?

Though currently, eBay does not offer official shipping services. Various shipping options are available, dropshipping, self-fulfillment, FBA, third party fulfillment. Among these four alternatives, third-party fulfillment is seller-friendly.

How does eBay dropshipping work?

Dropshipping: The manufacturers produce, store and then, ship the goods to your consumers directly. eBay dropshipping is adopted by any small ebay sellers for several years as the they don’t have to purchase the item from the factory before buyers. If you work with an unreliable manufacturer, postponed delivery for more than 30 days would get you penalized on eBay. It proves to be a bad idea for several reasons, absence of unique proposition, the lack of control over product quality and inaccessibility of return.

When can I self-fulfill orders?

Self-fulfillment is also called in-house fulfillment. Sellers handle everything themselves in order fulfillment, not getting help from the third party. This requires high-skilled labors, enough space for storage. When your products are highly customized or handmade, then it’s better to keep everything under control with self-fulfillment. If you have a lower turnaround rate, then it might be possible to self-fulfill, otherwise, you would end up with roping your spouse and kids into helping you ship orders all days and nights.

How can I use FBA to fulfill orders?

FBA fulfillment: FBA is not just for FBA sellers. Amazon multi-channel fulfillment can also enable you to fulfill orders regardless of platforms on which you sell. But not everyone is eligible to use FBA. In the coming year, 2020, it is regulated that anyone who utilizes FBA to deliver goods is supposed to achieve more than 400 in IPI (inventory performance index) score. Low performance of sales and a slow turnaround rate would get you into limited storage and storage overage fees.

Why third-party fulfillment is seller-friendly?

Most sellers outsource third-party fulfillment to tackle the complex and costly order fulfillment to avoid high overheads. It’s far from that.

  1. Expedited delivery. eBay Guaranteed delivery is the official approval for your services. This would increase listings ability while it requires ebay sellers to receive the items in 3 days. With near-consumers fulfillment centers around the world, third-party fulfillment can deliver the items in the requested time.
  2. Lower costs. Consumers would prefer items with high quality but lower price. If you fulfill orders by yourself, you need to prepare for the warehouse, labor, automate equipment, such as robots and scanning machines. If you are going to sell a high volume of products, lower shipping rate from third-party order fulfillment increase profit margins.
  3. Efficient inventory management. With modernized machines and system, third-party companies sync inventory to your store for inventory forecasting, keeping inventory error rate lower, and preventing your store from invalid listings.
  4. Customization options. Various packaging material for interior protection and exterior branding purposes are for you to exercise marketing strategist. When buyers receive printed logos of your brand on the surface of the customized books, it is easy to message your unique value to consumers.


Once you offer free delivery and same-day or 1-day handling, eBay would automatically add the Fast ‘N Free logo to your product listings so that your store would be recognized by the public and it is estimated there is an 11% increase in sales. It’s time for you to find a powerful third-party partner to help your product listings rank before your competitors. Nextsmartship can do it for you. With worldwide fulfillment centers near your customers in Europe, US, Asia and Australia, Nextsmartship fulfill the orders in 2 days wherever your clients locate:

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