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We provide special offers and discounts for global eCommerce business owners to help them provide better shopping experiences and get more profits.

Get 90 Days Free Storage

Low warehousing budget will be extremely useful for eCommerce business owners all over the world. Get an account now, you can enjoy 90 days free storage in NextSmartShip’s fully automated warehouse in Shenzhen.


Why use NextSmartShip Warehousing Service?

The worst thing happens in special sales is no enough inventory to send when customers’ orders increase. That’s why NextSmartShip recommend every eCommerce business owner to get inventory ready as soon as possible. NextSmartShip helps eCommerce business owners to integrate multiple suppliers and streamline the supply chain, through the easy to use fulfillment system and multi-platform integration, NextSmartShip customers can manage all the inventory centrally even when they have multiple suppliers and multiple online stores. The real-time updated data ensures out-of-stock and oversell never happens.

Why 90 days?

NextSmartShip chooses the time 90 days according to general storage cycle of eCommerce retail business and Amazon FBA storage policy. If a batch of inventory has not been sold for 3 months, it’s definitely the time to adjust marketing strategy or test other products. That’s why Amazon set 0-90 days as the first storage time period.



How can I get it?

Register a NextSmartShip account, you will get this exclusive offer for this holiday stock up season. Recommend your friends to experience NextSmartShip service, you can get more special offers at more discounted prices.

World-wide Fulfillment Warehouses

Besides the warehouse in Shenzhen, China, NextSmartShip has more warehouses in HongKong, US(Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Austell), Europe and Australia. This makes sure customers can enjoy 2-day shipping, easy returns and real-time update restock during the peak buying season.

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