eCommerce Shipping: Strategies, Solutions and NextSmartShip

The impact of digitization has spread into all facets of global business. It is no news that any business that must thrive and remain competitive must maximize the usage of all possible tools to reach a global audience.

eCommerce business is the act of buying and selling items online via any device. It has been booming, and it has been increasing geometrically since inception. There are about 12 to 24 million eCommerce sites in the world. And it’s good to know that China has the biggest eCommerce market in the world.

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eCommerce Shipping Strategies, Solutions

What is eCommerce Shipping?

eCommerce shipping simply implies the shipping services utilized by eCommerce businesses to make the transportation of their products more manageable and accessible.

eCommerce shipping is a crucial part of any eCommerce business. Many businesses strive to write compelling emails, tweak their stores, and get the best for their customers. But the moment your eCommerce shipping goes wrong, all those efforts will merely go to waste.

Statistics show that over 60% of consumers will pay extra to enjoy qualitative customer experience, which includes delivery service. And this percentage will keep rising yearly. Hence, shipping service is not coming to expire anytime in the world.

eCommerce Shipping Methods and Strategies

Any successful eCommerce business must be ready to hire out. No business can do it all; else, it becomes lag on some aspects because there would be a lack of focus. For delivery, eCommerce businesses must be ready to employ the expertise of ecommerce shipping companies to increase their customer retention rate. However, there are some shipping methods and strategies eCommerce businesses should know about.

Enhance eCommerce Customer Experience

A business without a regular customer’s patronage cannot be termed successful. And one that is a low customer retention rate is tending towards closing down. The height of your profitability is directly proportional to your conversion rate. However, your customer experience is key to this.

From small businesses to large ones, many essential factors can determine the strength of their customer experience. However, the most critical factor is information about shipping methods and shipping options.

It’s crucial to know that when it comes to international shipping, some guidelines and rules vary from country to country. There are also taxes, regulations, and restrictions that must be adhered to, so as not to be caught into unexpected circumstances that will delay the delivery for your customers. And this will eventually cause a wrong impression on your company.

However, with an order fulfillment company like NextSmartShip, there is no limit to the joys your customers can experience. Our shipping methods are flexible enough for your business and your customer to a brilliant service without any hassle. We also have a 24/7 customer care service to address any issue.

Enhance Shipping Experience

Shipping is nothing to be treated with kids’ gloves. Upon the confirmation that a product has been ordered, the shipment is committed into the hands of a stranger. The stranger might end up acting recklessly with the products, which might, in turn, cause an adverse effect on your business.

The most popular instance lies within issues with transit time. When a shipping carrier does not get to the port of discharge within the transit time, customers begin to think that their goods have been stolen or lost. However, the main issue might just be a little delay.

At NextSmartShip, we know that issues like this may tend to occur. However, based on experience coupled with expertise, we know our way around things like these. Our team is equipped to ensure that your customers are always kept happy.

Usage of Packaging as a Marketing Strategy

As the world of technology is evolving, the eCommerce business is also experiencing this evolution. This implies that customers have gotten fancy over time with their wants and needs.

They might be impressed by the interface of your website or business app, and the quality of your products.

However, they want to know what other things make your product unique from others. Your mode of packaging your products is one of these. Packaging products in a way that peculiar to your brand is a signature for your customers to know the originality of what you stand for. It will further present your brand in a positive light and have a lasting impact on your customer’s heart.

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Know Your Shipping Options

Knowing your shipping options, from the shipping rates to the shipping cost, will help you decide on how to satisfy your customers. Below are some shipping options you can adopt;

Free Shipping

Everyone loves free services. Free shipping is a smart strategy to get more customers to yourself. However, if not strategically planned, it can take a chunk of your revenue.

What many companies do is to either absorb the cost altogether or increase the price of the products a little. However, absorbing the shipping cost and asking a small amount per order might be the best strategy as it’s a great way to gain more customers.

Offer Flat Rates

Offering flat rates might be tricky sometimes. You must consider your business first and know the kind of flat rate that best works for it. You might go pricing based on weight or based on total order.

In deciding on this, it would be best to test-run to know which of them will be a more strategic approach.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is an option that allows goods to be ready for customers faster than the stipulated time. It gives customer assurance of faster delivery of what they order.

This is an option that can attract your customers to stay longer and convert the potential ones to actual customers.

How NextSmartShip Makes eCommerce Shipping Better

NextSmartShip offers a transparent and cost-saving order fulfillment solution for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to delivery, it takes a maximum of two days to have your products shipped to you or your customers.

We have the best prices with no hidden fee. We offer a 40% less cost for your shipping. Hence, making us very affordable and reliable for small businesses too. With this affordability comes a global reach; NextSmartShip covers a wide range of locations from Europe, the USA, China, to Australia. This implies that we have several fulfillment centers around the world.

When it comes to inventory storage, NextSmartShip offers 90 Days Free Storage for customers. This will make them calmer in the event of a tight schedule.

NextSmartShip is flexible and transparent to deal with. We keep you on track from picking and packing through shipping. Let’s help experience the best fulfillment solution today.

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