Kitting & Assembly

Outsourcing your order fulfillment to a professional 3rd party logistics company like NextSmartShip not only reduces overhead costs, 

but also takes the pressure off you and your business. If your items consist of many individual parts, 

NextSmartShip offers efficient and cost-effective kitting and assembly services at any fulfillment

 center around the world to streamline your fulfillment process and take your business to the next level.

 Your brilliant idea should not be limited.

 We make sure that every unit of your item is unique and can be handled with the appropriate care.

What is Kitting and Assembly Service?



Kitting is the process of taking individual items from warehouse shelves and assembling multiple items into
ready-to-ship packages, boxes or kits.


Assembly (as used in fulfillment services) usually means “light assembly,” i.e., the combination of various parts of products or packages that do not require professional tools or skills. 

In contrast to simple pick & pack, kitting and assembly processes are a bit of a tricky in fulfillment services. It involves all aspects of order fulfillment and requires the cooperation of multiple departments and personnel to ensure its efficiency and accuracy.

Why Kit Items?

Make items unique

Combining different products in a particular way can distinguish your products from your competitors. More than that, sometimes it’s necessary to manufacture different parts of your products in various factories, to prevent your ideas from being stolen.

Product bundling

It’s an excellent way to unload dead inventory by selling the unsalable products together with the best-selling products. For some products with low purchase frequency, such as accessories, selling them in kits can improve the overall sales volume.


Add free samples in the packages so that consumers will try more of your products, which will effectively increase the probability of their re-purchase. This trick is especially suitable for skincare products, pet food, toys, snacks, and other areas where people always like to try new things.


Kitting & Assembly Application


Subscription boxes


Membership kits

sets / kits

Tool kits


Electric kits


Machine parts


Special packaging


Assembled toys

We Go Beyond than Kitting and Assembly...


SKU Management

Sometimes a simple kit can include 20+ SKUs, which requires high intelligence of order fulfillment system, organization of the warehouse, and proficiency of workers. NextSmartShip not only helps to merge multiple items with different SKUs and generate a new SKU but also ensures the whole process is efficient and accurate.

Inventory Management

It’s essential to update and synchronize the inventory information in time because a kit can not be shipped without any product in it. NextSmartShip fulfillment system will show the inventory information of each SKU in the real-time, and the 
one-on-one account manager will inform you of replenishment promptly.


Custom Packaging

Cooperating with a lot of high-quality packaging material manufacturers, NextSmartShip helps you to impress consumers with specially designed packages and present a strong brand image. Send the design drawing or prototype to NextSmartShip, and we will bring it to life with the best quality and the lowest cost.

Case Study

Brushette® is a brand that has been manufacturing, marketing, and distributing electric toothbrushes and replacement brush heads since 2013. Mihran, the founder of @Brushette, also a concerned parent about their kids’ oral hygiene, came up with the idea of allowing users to keep the neck and remove the bristles only when he saw his 
4-year-old son pulled the bristles off the toothbrush’s neck. This idea ultimately led to a very successful brand and brought a team of passionate people together.

By manufacturing its products in China, Brushette delights global consumers with inexpensive, high-quality electric toothbrushes and oral hygiene essential kits. But as the business continues to expand, the in-house fulfillment team starts to struggle to manage all the SKUs, and sometimes packing goes wrong.

To meet the needs of different consumers, Brushette develops more than ten kinds of brush heads, several series of electric toothbrushes, all types of toothbrush accessories. Brushette also provides regularly changing hygiene packs to add more fun to people’s daily brushing routines. It’s normal to have more than 50 items per order, and all the hygiene packs need custom packaging in different sizes to enhance consumer brand awareness and reduce shipping costs at the same time. None of these can be pulled off by an in-house fulfillment team.


After knowing their needs, NextSmartShip provides these services

he automatic fulfillment system to manage all the SKUs and inventory.

The efficient SKU management to generate new SKU whenever a new kit is launching

A dedicated account manager to assist in the whole process and communicate with Chinese suppliers

Multiple fulfillment centers in China, USA and Europe to reduce the shipping time.

By outsourcing their logistics to NextSmartShip,
the fulfillment process of Brushette has become more efficient and accurate, Mihran can focus on his core business and spend more quality time with his family.

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