Labeling Service

What is Labeling?

Labeling barcodes works as an identifier for our fulfillment centers to recognize your products. At our fulfillment centers, we use barcodes to streamline products and shipping process. Commingled inventory must have labels to be received by our worldwide fulfillment centers. 

Why Should You Label?

Labeling is a must so that it can be tracked throughout the fulfillment process.

How do you label a box? What should you label?

  1. Use the product’s existing manufacturer’s barcode. There is no strict limitation on the barcode,but make sure that you have labeled the products.
  2. Print labels by yourself available in our OMS system. To print quality barcodes, make sure youcould have a printer with high resolution.
  3. Nextsmartship offers label service for a small fee, about $0.1 per item.



  • Make sure to stick a barcode on the surface of each item. Avoid placing labels in an inconspicuous location, like the inside cover of a book.
  • Put the label on the smooth surface, avoiding corners, edges or curves in case we could not scan the code.
  • Don’t photocopy the label.
  • Don’t use labels that are smudged, faded or torn.
  • If your product has multiple layers of packaging, make sure the label is scannable without opening or disturbing it.