Inventory Management

Inventory management is a systematic approach to managing stock items and physical assets. From a business point of view, it is a fundamental aspect of stock control that involves keeping the right sock at appropriate levels, in the right location, at the correct time. Though inventory and warehouse management systems share similarities, they aren’t the same. Inventory management typically deals with the stock at several warehouse locations. Warehouse management, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with the products stored in a particular facility.  

How Inventory Management Works

Managing inventory is a complicated process, and this is especially true when you have many SKUs, multiple suppliers or sales channels.
step 1
Item Receiving​
When a stock is delivered into one of the fulfillment centers of NextSmartShip, the staff will put it in the reception area and inspect the products according to the entry list. Before each batch of goods is sent from the supplier, our customer service will assist the supplier in pasting the shipping mark and SKU bar code, which can help us count the goods conveniently. If the supplier is unable to provide this service, we can help paste the barcode, which will generate extra fees
Make Inventory
By scanning the SKU bar codes one by one, the fulfillment center staff will make the inventory, the process may involve refilling the sold-out items, adding new SKUs and uploading new inventory information to the system. NextSmartShip fulfillment system includes a very easy-to-use inventory management system, eCommerce sellers can check the inventory change in real time, and the inventory info will be synchronized to their online store.
step 2
step 3
Put on Shelves
Items will be placed onto shelves after the first two steps. Each SKU has a special box or drawer with a barcode attached to it. They are also unique in the shelf position. In the process of putting on shelves, the warehouse staff will scan multiple barcodes and input them into the warehouse management system(WMS), so that the location of each SKU can be quickly found during picking, effectively preventing errors.

Safe & Centralized Storage

NextSmartShip inventory management system helps online sellers to integrate suppliers and sales channel, all the inventory will be managed centrally. NextSmartShip fulfillment centers have complete video security and fire protection system, all the warehouses are covered by insurance, no need to worry about your valuable goods
step 4
step 5
Sold-out Prompt
The inventory quantity of the corresponding SKU will be subtracted during picking, and the new inventory quantity will also be synchronized to the online store in real time. Whenever the stock of a SKU is about to be sold out, your account manager will prompt you to replenish in time to prevent the loss caused by stock out. You will find this prompt very useful during the peak season.

Why Use NextSmartShip Inventory Management

User-friendly System

With the inventory management system, you can check all the inventory and SKUs in the dashboard, the data will be updated and sync to your online store in real time.

Transparent & Affordable Storage Cost

No receiving fee, 90 days free warehousing, totally transparent billing, helping online sellers control budget and get good profit margin.

99.99% Accuracy Rate

Each operation will be double checked, with the automated WMS and skilled workers, all the manual operations can maintain an accuracy rate of nearly 100%.
Inventory Management in a Fulfillment Center

Why Use Our Inventory Management System

Monitoring the inventory level in real-time is important, you can check the remaining quantity of each SKU and make replenishment plan in time.

Keeping inventory means your money is tied into it. With automated inventory management, you’ll efficiently manage inventory levels, so the cash flow within your business remains positive. ​

If you sell on different multichannel e-commerce platforms/shopping carts, an inventory management system will improve inventory visibility. It will help you coordinate orders across your sales channels. In this way, you’ll cut losses when it’s time to replenish stocks for new holiday trends.

Our OMS allows you to track orders from sales to order fulfilment, a process more commonly known as order tracking. The technology facilitates collaboration between teams, and effective communication with suppliers, customers, and shipping agents​
Through technologies such as barcode scanning, you can instantly make new orders and verify the status of other pre-existing refill requests. Barcode scanning will also help you manage cycle counts.

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