Fulfill efficient
with global warehousing

NextSmartShip delivers exceptional warehousing solutions
from our warehouses around the world. Based in China, USA, Europe and Australia,
our fulfillment warehouses are strategically located to allow for
2-day delivery, affordable shipping, and easy returns.

Reduce inventory handling cost
with Nextsmartship

For most small company today,
outsourcing fulfillment means paying extra costs for
setup and storage, which create a major obstacle
when it comes to scaling.

Track inventory levels accurately

Store your inventory across our warehouses globally,
and monitor stock levels in real-time. Simply log in
to your dashboard to know exactly when you need to
re-order so you’re never out of stock.
Nextsmartship redefines 
ecommerce fulfillment by charging 
no setup fee, no inventory receiving fee, and 
no storage fee for the first 60 days*. 
Pay only as you sell.

*Review our policy structure (https://nextsmartship.com/pricing)
for more information.


Located in the global manufacturing hub, Shenzhen,
and the international transit hub, Hong Kong, NextSmartShip’s fulfillment centers
allow you to streamline e-commerce fulfillment
from supplier to customer.


NextSmartShip’s USA fulfillment centres in California
and New Jersey allow you to ship your products to customers
within 2 days for greater customer satisfaction.


Are your products made in Paris, Berlin or London?
No matter which European city, send your inventory to our fulfillment centers across Europe,
and we’ll take care of storage and fulfillment.


Located in one of the world’s biggest online shopping consumer  market,
our fulfillment center in Sydney, Australia offers affordable warehousing and domestic
shipping solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.


If your business is located in the UK and looking for a warehouse there,
our UK warehouse is definitely your best fulfillment choice. Nextsmartship shipping prices
are the most cost-effective, and with the fast shipping time, rich team experience.
I’m sure we will grow amazingly with each other!

Intrested in our services?

Talk to our fulfillment advisors to learn more about how we can integrate with your business.