Why NextSmartShip?

Make Order Fulfillment Simple

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Located in the shipping hub of the world; Shenzhen, China; no matter what industry your business is in, NextSmartShip is there for you!
We fill your orders automatically when they are placed; just ship your product to one of our warehouses and we’ll handle the rest! With the logistics handled, you’re freed up to focus on what really matters, expanding your business and growing your client base!

Professional Solutions for
Multiple Avenues

eCommerce Businesses

Order sync, good storage, inventory management and direct shipping to your end consumers, all managed through NextSmartShip’s state of the art inventory management system.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Send rewards or products to your backers all around the world. With cost-effective and fast shipment options you’ll build trust with your backers.

FBA Prep Services

Make utilizing an Amazon store simple with our tools that allow you to meet all FBA requirements and get shipments to Amazon warehouses with ease.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Get your boxes out to your subscribers on schedule! Set it and forget it, we’ll make sure the shipments go out on time, every time!

Systems that Succeed

Reduce Your Shipping Costs

No More Shopping Card Abandonment!

Instead of losing customers at the end of their shopping spree on your site due to high shipping costs, NextSmartShip keeps shipping costs low, allowing you to convert more site visits into sales!

Multiple Courier Options!

NextSmartShip is partnered with the biggest names in logistics, ensuring that your packages are shipped by professionals and your customers get their packages quickly and in pristine condition.

Flexible Shipping!

NextSmartShip provides multiple options based on your needs. With the ability to use different routes, couriers and handle any size, shape or weight packages; NextSmartShip will find the best combination to save you and your customers money!

Fast and Reliable Shipping Service

NextSmartShip understands that logistics are dependent of an ever-changing worldwide landscape. NextSmartShip is constantly monitoring the state of each of their shipping avenues to ensure that your package gets to its destination on time! Don’t extend lead times around the holidays, or due to some unexpected external event. Let us figure out the best path around these issues and deliver your package on time!