Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment

Pick & pack means the order fulfillment service provider picks the items on orders and pack them ready to ship. Although it sounds simple, it requires a series of warehousing management expertise, such as inventory management (timely subtract the shipped quantity from inventory), SKU management (or the consumer will get items in wrong colors or sizes), skilled worker and efficient flexible packing. To sum up, pick and pack include everything between order placement and shipment.

After storing products in NextSmartShip warehouse, the following step is to pick and pack, the quality of which directly affects the satisfaction of end consumers.


pick and pack fulfillment

With pick and pack order fulfillment, you can




Professional Pick & Pack

to locate and find the right product in the shortest time

to ensure that there is enough inventory to ship and track what the customers received.

to know the proper box size and provide enough support during delivery.

to ensure the customers always get the right product they ordered on time.

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