About Us

NextSmartShip eCommerce Fulfillment Center

NextSmartShip provides simple and reliable order fulfillment for your eCommerce shop or Crowd-Funded campaign.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China; NextSmartShip is located within the epicenter of global manufacturing and dedicated to providing you with the best service and lowest prices possible. With fulfillment centers in China, Hong Kong, Europe and the United States, NextSmartShip provides avenues for clients to take their businesses to the global marketplace effortlessly! Our goal is to make your order fulfillment nightmare turn into a dream. No minimums, no BS; just VIP treatment!

Small Business Connections

NextSmartShip understands small business. We cater to the small business community with fully flexible and scalable order fulfillment solutions that grow with you! There are no minimums or high fees for small orders, just great service and a company that is your partner in order fulfillment. NextSmartShip strives to assist their clients achieve lasting success.

Customer Service is Our Game

NextSmartShip still believes that “the customer comes first”. Our customer service team are knowledgeable, passionate and friendly Fulfillment Experts whose only goal is ensuring the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Simple to Use

Order fulfillment is a high-tech industry, but it doesn’t have to be complicated for our users. NextSmartShip utilizes cutting edge advancements that make tracking shipments and managing inventory snappy while their user interface makes it simple to do. NextSmartShip also integrates seamlessly into multiple eCommerce platforms making switching over a breeze.

Our Team

nextsmartship fulfillment team

A Team of Experts

NextSmartShip team is comprised of fulfillment specialists and skilled workers, every team member has years of experience in the global logistics and eCommerce industry. Although with different backgrounds, we share a drive to excellence. NextSmartShip is a gather of passionate individuals who are mentally agile and rise to all challenges. To ensure our customers can get the most suitable and scalable solution, we keep delving into our respective fields.

Because we care about your business like it was our own

Service Is Our Priority

We take pride in providing the best experience in the fulfillment industry, from the moment you cooperate with us to consumer get the products they ordered, the whole process is as seamless as it can be. We are obsessed with thoughtful service, everyone in the team will do their best to get things done, delight your customers and make everything easier.

We manage the details so you can succeed in business.

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World-Wide Presence

NextSmartShip has warehouses located across the world in:



United States of America

North America



United Kingdom




This gives NextSmartShip a local presence globally. Your packages get to your customers faster.

How can we Help you?

We understand the importance approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.