How NextSmartShip Works

step 1
get your product made
Determine your manufacturer, get your product made!
shipp items from the manufacturer to our NextSmartShip warehouse
Have your inventory shipped from the manufacturer to our NextSmartShip warehouse.
step 2
step 3
NextSmartShip store the products in fulfillment center
NextSmartShip will receive your goods, unpack and inspect them for damage and scan the product into our inventory management system.
auto-sync orders
When orders are placed on you online store, auto-sync orders to NextSmartShip fulfillment system with multi-platform integration.
step 4
step 5
pick and pack
As orders come in, we'll pick and pack, add any additional services you've outlined and ship them to your customers, anywhere in the world!
shipping fulfillment
As orders ship, tracking numbers are auto generated and sent to your customers via e-mail.
stpe 6
step 7
Customers receive their product quickly and in good condition.
Happy customers equal repeat customers!
item received

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