Main Shipping Methods from China to the USA for Ecommerce Business

When everything goes smoothly in persuading your target consumers to place an order on your shop, you feel a rush of joy. But soon you realize that there is one final step you can not miss — shipping methods. How to ship items from China to the USA?

Air Freight and Ocean Freight

Traditionally, businessmen doing international trade would transport their cargo through air freight and sea freight. It is a little bit complex compared with the one-stop service offered by NexSmartShip.

The traditional way of shipping consists of the following steps:

Ship from the Chinese airplane terminal to the American airport and export process.

Import process and local delivery in the US.

In this way, the status of shipping could not be trackable for transit within the USA.

However, sending directly to the US with NextSmartShip enables you to monitor the shipping process from the moment we hand the packages over to our logistics partners. China Postal and DHL are the main 2 logistics partners of ours.

Main Shipping Methods from China to US for Ecommerce

China Post

Brief introduction: EUB, Airmail & Registered mail are 3 ecommerce shipping services provided by China Post. EUB can transport sensitive goods, like the built-in battery.


Low Charging fee, cost-effective. ePacket charges about $10 per packet from China to the US. Though it might take 7 days for shipping, most e-commerce owners tend to send their package with China Post to spare money.


Comparatively Longer Shipping Time. Unlike express, custom clearance done by China Post is a slower process. It usually takes 1-2 days to go through the clearance process. For some, it might take longer, like half a month. Especially in the peak seasons, batches of goods would be stranded at the airplane terminal and consequently, the shipping time may be delayed for 1-2 months. If your consumers do not receive their shopping items in 2 months, they would leave negative remarks, deteriorating your brand image.

Disfactory after-sale service. Unless you have insurance for your goods, china post won’t compensate you even if your package is lost.


Brief introduction: DHL is the first to start international door-to-door express service, fast and reliable.


Less transit time. If you are in a hurry to deliver your goods to your end consumers, DHL meets your demands. The delivery time of DHL from china to us can be as fast as 3 days. 

Guaranteed refunds for service failures. If the package has been misbilled or lost, you are qualified to get a 100% refund.


Higher fees. DHL charges relatively two times higher of service by China Post. The shipping cost is unstable and can be adjusted due to the change in fuel surcharge every month. Though DHL charges more, shipping delays occur from time to time.

The optimal way for shipping

Do you still hesitate to choose shipping methods from China to the USA? It doesn’t matter. NextSmartShip would assign each client a professional solution adviser, guiding you through shipping hassles.

You don’t have to pick only one shipping approach, strike a balance between shipping time and cost. Most sellers would have online stores on multiple e-commerce platforms for protecting from account suspensions or losses due to a sudden alter in rules. Buyers from different platforms expect different shipping time. The OMS system developed by NextSmartShip is easy to manage orders and inventories. After the integration of your online store with the OMS system, you could check the estimated cost and estimated arrival time. NextSmartShip has developed partnerships with several logistics service providers. Utilization of the multi-channel shipping would be a safeguard for providing the best services to the customers, gaining brand loyalty.

With NexSmartShip, you could fit several hours of company logistics and partnership management into a tight schedule.

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