Marketing & Fulfillment Tips for Women-focused Products Sellers

International Women’s Day is here. It’s one of the few times each year when the world celebrates all women and their social, economic, cultural and political achievements as well as the role they play in society. Since women control over $20 trillion in worldwide spending, it will also be an excellent day to make lots of sales, especially if you own an eCommerce store that sells women-focused products like apparel, cosmetics, skincare products, maternity and baby products, etc.

This post offers actionable advice to help you maximize your sales of this Women’s day.  It is a compilation of useful order fulfillment and marketing tips that will improve your business.

Marketing & Fulfillment Tips for Women-focused Products Sellers

Marketing tips

Avoid the three Ps (patronizing, passive, and pink). Psychological research has revealed women are apprehensive of marketing approaches that portray them as “other.” Unless your campaign is meant to raise funding for breast cancer, you shouldn’t entirely rely on pink coloring to market gender-neutral products to women. It also wouldn’t be wise to use cliché images such as purses and stilettos to refer to women (unless your business actually sells those products).

You shouldn’t use the word “ladies” in your branding messages. This is particularly important if your company has been historically masculine, and it’s new to marketing to women. Based on your tone, your message may be perceived as outdated, or even worse, patronizing by your target market. Your images and video should strive to portray women as an active and diverse group.

Include women on your marketing teams, both internally and with your partners. Is this obvious? Yes. Is it a common practice? No. gender balance is often overlooked within marketing teams, even when products are being marketed to female audiences. Research suggests that gender-balanced teams produce better results.

Review your marketing channels. If your current channels aren’t favorable for women, then you need to establish a presence in the places where they are more likely to interact with your brand.

Pay more attention to packaging. Did you know it takes most women only 2.5 seconds to decide whether they’ll buy a product? If you want to make a quick first impression, your packaging must have a feminine appeal.

  • Colour and appearance: as mentioned earlier, selling products to women involves a lot more than using pink for your packaging material. In fact, the color ranks surprisingly low on women’s packaging color preferences. Most women would rather have blue and green coloring. Research has also shown women are less responsive to images of celebrities on packages.
  • Shape: women love the packaging that has an attractive shape, visual characteristics, and functionality. Using packaging that’s easy to open will make a product more female-friendly. Visual appeal is just as important. If you can’t find the right packaging for your product, you may want to consult your fulfillment partner for custom packaging solutions.  
  • Text: you should keep your text simple. Try taking half the words out of your marketing message and then leaving the rest to the visuals on the packaging. All the copy on your package should be large and easy to read. It should clearly state the benefits users will consume if they buy it. Don’t discuss technical details – most women don’t really care about how a product functions, provided that it is reliable and effective.
 Colors preferences by women vs. men
Colors preferences by women vs. men (image from )

Fulfillment tips

Women love to take care of themselves, so it’s likely your product list will include a variety of shampoos, makeup kits, lip balms, and facial kits.  The problem with products in this category is they are typically offered as creams, gels, powders or liquids, and it isn’t very easy to find convenient and inexpensive shipping solutions.

Here’s why

  • If you’re shipping liquids or gels with FedEx, your packages must have watertight internal receptacles. You’ll have to use leak-proof containers with positive closure mechanisms such as snap-ons, screw-ons or push-on lids, and these must be taped for additional protection.  

    Placing enough absorbent material between the primary and secondary receptacles to absorb the contents your containers should they rupture is something you will definitely want to do.  

    You’ll also be required to use sturdy external packaging made from wood, corrugated fiberboard or similar materials. The exterior packaging must withstand the physical stress of transportation and protect its contents from changes in humidity, temperature, and pressure.
  • Like FedEx, USPS will only ship nonflammable, nonhazardous liquids if they are sealed in a watertight container. The company has also announced a regulatory change that will require all mailers to declare the contents of their packages and add orientation markings. The labels must be placed on the outermost containers irrespective of whether the package is considered breakable by the shipping agency.
  • USPS requires all liquid containment packages to be triple packed. This means there should be padding around the actual containers, and then that should be enclosed in another sealed watertight container that also contains absorbent material. UPS doesn’t have any clear documentation concerning its rules for shipping liquids, but the company’s website does advise clients to contact its nearest representatives.

Get Custom Solutions

As you may have realized, shipping sensitive items is a complex process. That’s one of the reasons why you need the assistance of a professional fulfillment partner. NextSmartShip’s agents have an in-depth understanding of each shipping carrier’s policies. The company’s representatives will give you expert advice on the best shipping method for your business according to the products you sell.

Working with a third-party logistics company will also allow you access to several warehouse locations so you can take your inventory closer to your customers. It’s a strategy that will guarantee short delivery times for your products, and it will reduce the chances of damage

You’ll also want to set up subscription orders. Considering the number of people who’ll want to buy purchase lasting gifts for their female friends, partners, and companions this women’s day, it is plausible your business may gain a significant boost from repeat-buyers this women’s day. It would help if you considered adding them to your order fulfillment strategy.

 Subscription order fulfillment allows you to automatically ship products to your clients regularly. Nextsmartship runs a convenient subscription platform that will make it easy for you to ensure your subscription orders are always delivered in time.

When it comes to handling delicate products, not all order fulfillment services are equal. Nextsmartship offers a versatile fulfillment center network powered by custom technologies and managed by fulfillment experts. From temperature control facilities to expiration date management, the company will work with you to ensure your merchandise is stored in the most appropriate environment. That way, you’ll spend less time worrying if your inventory is stored correctly and if the orders are packed the right way before shipping.

Order packing

Order packing

Order packing is the in-warehouse process of merging all the items in a sales order into a manageable parcel and preparing it for shipment. This typically involves selecting suitable packaging materials, weighing the parcel, printing required labels, running stress tests and identifying the right courier to fulfill the order.

Before your products are sent to shipment, you’ll want to verify the following

  • Safety
  • Number of items per package
  • The fragility of the product containers

Products such as perfumes and bathroom cleaners may be classified as dangerous because they present a risk to safety, health, and property during handling and storage. They could contain pressurized, flammable, or otherwise harmful substances, so carriers may require extensive safety documentation and product information before shipment can occur.

If your products are sold as a set, then you should ensure;

  • packing material doesn’t collapse when pressure is applied to its sides
  • the products are firmly secured inside the packaging
  • the packaging is sealed with glue, tape, or staples

All gel-based, paste, and cream products must pass a drop test before shipping, so it’s crucial to ensure fragile product containers, such as those made from glass, receive adequate padding. The packages must survive a 3-foot drop without any internal damage.

A complete drop test is comprised of five 3-foot drops onto a flat, solid surface; first, the product (after it has been adequately packaged) is left to fall flat on its base, then on its top and longest sides. It is then dropped flat on its shortest side, and on a corner. The package is then assessed for signs of leaking or damaged, then cleared for shipping.

Pick-and-pack order fulfillment helps ensure you adhere to carrier regulations. It will also help you avoid the challenges and potential risks that can occur during packing and shipping. Nextsmartship’s packing specialists will help you verify that your inventory meets carrier specifications. They will also ensure each item receives the best possible protection such as wrapping that keeps dust and moisture away and cushioning to prevent physical damage when objects hit each other.

Building a successful eCommerce brand can be exciting, but it does come with several difficulties. By learning the most appropriate marketing and order fulfillment strategies for your business, you’ll save valuable resources, and effectively reach out to your target audience. Partnering with a capable order fulfillment company will grant you the support of an extensive distribution network and the technology and expertise to expand your eCommerce business.

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