Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Prep Service

Enjoy FBA User Benefits and Affordable Fulfillment

Selling through Amazon has numerous benefits, but their requirements can cause headaches. Instead of being caught out by “ready to be fulfilled” requirements, let NextSmartShip run point on your FBA projects with our FBA Prep Service.

No more wading through article after article trying to understand Amazon’s list of penalty fees and policies, NextSmartShip will take care of all. We will be the middleman between your manufacturer and the FBA warehouses while you do what you do best and still get full advantage of Amazon Prime memberships and free shipping offers. NextSmartShip storage & preparation services ensure Amazon sellers get all the benefits of using Fulfillment by Amazon and still keep the fulfillment efficient and affordable.

When Should You Use FBA Prep Service?

  • FBA keeps rejecting your items?
  • NextSmartShip fulfillment team is composed of fulfillment experts, which specialize in meeting Amazon’s specifications and make sure your items are always “ready to be fulfilled” by FBA.
  • No time and energy to learn FBA policies?
  • Amazon has tons of different specifications, for fragile products, products sold as sets, loose products, blah blah blah... NextSmartShip is here to keep the headache away.
  • High fulfillment costs?
  • Amazon provides FBA preparation service as well, but the price list is long and complicated, they charge for every process. Our handling fee is simpler and more affordable.
NextSmartShip Offers
Full-Service for your Needs
  • Elite Quality Control
  • Packaging and Repackaging
  • Labelling
  • Fragile Item Protection
  • Photo Documentation
  • Discounted Shipping to Fulfillment By Amazon Warehouses
  • Multiple Packing Options for:
  • Loose Products
  • Sold-As-Set Products
  • Boxed Products
  • Poly-Bagged Products
  • Case-Packed Products
  • Products with Expiration Dates


Simplify the Fulfillment Process

There is no need to read the long Amazon fulfillment policy list, NextSmartShip FBA preparation service ensures that your item packing meets the exact fulfillment requirement of Amazon FBA. Save your time and attention for more important matters, keep the sales running smoothly and get more orders.

Centralize Your Inventory

NextSmartShip fulfillment warehouses centralize Amazon sellers’ inventory no matter how many online stores and suppliers they have. Our full-service fulfillment centers can also work as the FBA alternative and replenish the FBA inventory. You can get a more flexible Amazon fulfillment solution by combining FBA and FBM(Fulfill by Merchant).



Automated the Fulfillment

Register an account before November 30, you will get this exclusive offer for this holiday stock up season. Recommend your friends to experience NextSmartShip service, you can get more special offers at more discounted prices.

Affordable & Transparent Price

It’s your right to take full control of the fulfillment costs. All the process which will generate costs will be listed clearly, make it easy for you to choose. The cost composition of NextSmartShip FBA prep service is much simpler and more affordable then the one of Amazon official.


How can we Help you?

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