Ready to scale your
Amazon business?

Selling on Amazon is a winning strategy for most
ecommerce businesses today. While Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
offers many benefits such as Amazon Prime two-day shipping, its strict
and lengthy policies create a huge obstacle for many sellers.
NextSmartShip provides all
the support you need for FBA
Prep, including barcode labelling
packaging and repackaging,
poly-bagging and more. Your
store could even double its sales
opportunities by offering
Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)
with NextSmartShip!
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Simplifying FBA Prep and fulfillment
for fast-growing brands.

Our FBA Prep service includes storage, quality inspection, packaging, repackaging, and shipping.

Manage storage efficiently

Store your inventory in NextSmartShip’s
warehouses located around the globe. Have
complete visibility on stock levels through our
inventory management system. We can
palletize shipments to dispatch from the closest
warehouse, and help you save inbound
shipping costs to Amazon.

Package and repackage with great care

All items are carefully prepared for
storage and shipment. Labelling, fragile
item protection, and photo documentation
are all included in our FBA Prep process.
We double inspect every item to ensure they
meet Amazon’s policies. And a full range of
packing options, as listed below, are also
available to meet your business needs.

Minimize manual
workflows and processes

Automate your FBM process
with our powerful fulfillment software.
NextSmartShip integrates seamlessly
with your Amazon store to receive orders,
which are then allocated to the closest
fulfillment center for timely
and reliable delivery.

Professional packing solutions
designed for FBA

Every merchant is unique.
No matter what products you’re
selling you’re bound to find a packing
option that meets your needs from
our selection. We have packing
options designed for:
  • Loose products
  • Sold-as-set products
  • Boxed products
  • Poly-bagged products
  • Case-packed products
  • Products with expirations dates
Find out which packing solution is the best fit for your product.

All the benefits of Amazon Fulfillments,
without the hassle.

Save more with
affordable fees

Priced at a more affordable rate
than Amazon’s FBA Prep Service,
NextSmartShip makes FBA Prep
accessible for merchants of all sizes.
Our pricing is transparent and simple,
so you’ll always be clear on what
you are paying for.

No more rejected shipment

We’ll make sure your items are packed to
meet Amazon’s policies. No more rejected
shipments and wasted time due to non-compliance.
Let us handle the logistics, so you can focus on
revenue-generating business efforts.

Amazing customer service

We understand how frustrating it is
to have a question that goes unanswered.
Our stellar customer service team provides
excellent support around the clock to help you
with any problem you may encounter.
Talk to us today to find out how we can customize our Amazon fulfillment
solution to suit your business needs.