Why Online Sellers Should Sourcing from China

Since the 19th Century, China has been one of the largest economies in the world. While the cost of manufacturing in China has relatively increased, it still houses most of the cheapest locations for retailers from western countries.

The 21st Century was predicted to be the Chinese Century. However, it sits second on the largest economies in the world with an increasingly impressive GDP.

China owes its business’ achievement to a liberal economy, massive infrastructural investment, and an elite population. Due to this, many countries around the globe have on the lookout for the best and reliable China sourcing services.

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Why Online Sellers Should Sourcing from China

Why Source From China?

A vast number of B2B online stores have connected quite a number of suppliers to buyers across the globe. Of this number, the vast majority of them are Chinese suppliers. With this also are several technology-enabled modes of payment that allow these buyers to pay suppliers without any hassle.

Apart from the connection of buyers to suppliers, most China sourcing agents also help in a wide range of things like; sourcing for the best price, dealing with communication, quality control, payment, and other necessary checks in the stead of clients outside China.

This has brought ease to the process of importation from China, and now, most western businesses can source from China without hiccups.

Benefits of Sourcing from China

There is a wide range of reasons why you should go into sourcing. However, the sourcing process might appear risky and strenuous when you do not know who to source from and what will be your gain in the long run. Having established some reasons why you should source from China, here are the significant benefits of sourcing from China.

Cost Saving

No one wants to go into a business of low profitability. The higher the profit you get from your businesses will determine how much you can reinvest in it to go higher and be more competitive.

China, today, is the world’s largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods. It has a highly competitive market because the cost of production is quite cheap when compared to western regions such as America and Europe. From raw materials to wages and other amenities like electricity and maintenance, the costs of production are relatively low.

Also, Chinese manufacturers have a large production capacity, which gives room for businesses to order largely, hence, reducing the price per unit. It all points to the fact that Chinese suppliers can get you sourcing products without breaking the bank.


In the past, most people believe that affordability is equal to low quality — some still think so. However, times have gone beyond quality for expensiveness.

Chinese factories now make products to fit into western standards. Some of them indeed do deliver products of poor quality. However, a reasonable number of them still inexpensively manufacture products without compromising on the quality.

All you need to do is to ensure that you verify the Chinese suppliers or Chinese wholesalers you have shortlisted to trade with. A reliable sourcing agent will liaise with the manufacturing sector to ensure that you are at the top of quality control.


According to the statistics of a wide range of products, China has over 28% of global manufacturing output, putting it on the front position in the world. It implies that there is almost not a product you can’t get from China.

A typical example of a place to know how massive the variants of their products are is by visiting the Canton Fair. Yet, you wouldn’t have seen all that they are capable of producing.

China Is the World's Manufacturing Superpower

Why You Need A China Sourcing Agent

Sourcing for Chinese wholesalers in China can be an unnecessarily time-consuming process. However, this task can be smooth and extraordinary with the help of a sourcing agent. China has hundreds of sourcing companies.

The primary role of a China sourcing agent is to search and propose legitimate Chinese suppliers. This will be based on the customer’s requirements and technical business measures. Below are some reasons you need to get a reliable sourcing agent in China

Best Price

There is always an advantage of employing the expertise of indigenes to help you get your supplies. Most China sourcing agents know those to get the best price from having given them your list. Through this, they can help you save stress, time, and money. Also, you can easily avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

Quality Control

When it comes to product sampling, an inspection of mass production, and factory audits, most China sourcing agents are well-skilled in them. Through their expertise, they help you reduce the risk of buying products of low-quality from wholesalers or manufacturers.

Be In The Know

Since China is continuously into production, fluctuation in the price of products and the demand for it will regularly occur. A china sourcing agent will understand market trends

Hence, with their help, updates about the change that’s happening in the market will be given to you. And the best options will also be highlighted.

Shipping and Logistics Assist

A China sourcing company will act as a link between the buyer and the supplier in China. Hence, they will either cover the logistics procedures involved and warehousing or get other online shipping platforms for you. At this point Is where NextSmartShip steps in.

When it comes to the fulfillment of orders, a smart way to handle it is to use the online shipping platforms. NextSmartShip will help eCommerce owners receive products from the manufacturer into our warehouse. Upon the acceptance of the goods, we will unpack them and scan the products for errors in delivery or damages before scanning them into our inventory management system. Then there is the picking, packing, and shipping to your various customers.

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