China Fulfillment Center

Located in the global manufacturing hub of Shenzhen, Guangdong and close to the transit hub HongKong,

NextSmartShip China fulfillment center streamlines your entire supply chain and reduces your fulfillment costs. Rather than just being a standard 3PL,

NextSmartShip China fulfillment center offers end-to-end logistics services to increase your brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

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Why Use China fulfillment Center


the shipping is pretty efficient. You experience extremely short lead times from your factory to a fulfillment center in China. With a China fulfillment center, items can be delivered to the United States or many other markets worldwide in five to ten calendar days.


This means you can hold 90% less inventory or even more. And you can scale much more flexibly and with much less risk on your cash investment in inventory. 


you can ship globally very profitably from China fulfillment center. It will likely be cheaper than any type of local fulfillment service. In 2022, the Sourcingbro study found China direct shipping of light and small items has obvious advantages, especially for goods under 2 kg.

We’ve helped our clients achieve


shipping coverage


transparent pricing, no hidden fees


savings on
fulfillment cost


faster shipping

How NextSmartShip improves
your fulfillment and logistics

Simplify and automate your supply chain.

Our intelligent technology makes fulfillment and inventory management easy. Simple and intuitive to use, manage your entire fulfillment process in just a few clicks.

Optimize time and cost.

Leverage our cutting-edge AI technology to gather and analyze data from multiple shipping methods. Narrow down on the quickest route at the cheapest cost, to offer unparalleled shipping rates to your customers. and identify slow-moving inventory over time.

Sell more, manage less.

More sales does not need to mean more work. Expand your reach on multiple ecommerce platforms. Our robust integration capabilities allow you to manage all your orders in one place. and identify slow-moving inventory over time.

Make smarter inventory decisions.

Monitor your inventory levels in real-time. Forecast and plan stock replenishment based on historical and seasonal demand. With better insight, brands have saved up to 50% on inventory-related costs! and identify slow-moving inventory over time.

Partner with a team that prioritizes growth.

Our international team has years of experience in the ecommerce and logistics industry. We’re dedicated to deliveringan effective fulfillment solution to help your business grow and identify slow-moving inventory over time.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience.

A good delivery experience can make or break a brand. We make sure your customer has the best experience possible from the moment they place an order, to receiving the parcel in their hands. and identify slow-moving inventory over time.

Your Trusted Fulfilment Partner for Global Business

We have been using NextSmartShip for a while now and we are very happy with their service. They are very easy to work with and communication is great. We will continue to work NextSmartShip in the future!
                                                      ———— Jenny Kronqvist  


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