CJDropshipping Vs. NextSmartShip: An In-depth Analysis

Every online brand has unique needs, and business owners must consider when choosing eCommerce platforms and partners. The problem is that with so much variety, it is hard to choose.

This post offers an in-depth comparison between CJDropshipping and NextSmartShip to help you decide which is better for your online business.


CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping offers a combination of product sourcing, order processing, and order fulfillment. Drop shippers list or connect products on CJ to their stores, then the tool picks the orders from their stores and handles them. CJ offers various addon services that include Print on Demand, API support, Photo, and video creation.  

Besides the aforementioned complementary services, CJ will store merchandise for you (if you have private inventory) and fulfill customer orders. The company also provides after-sales service if your packages are lost or damaged. CJ is distinguished from most drop shipping fulfillment platforms by the fact that it is mostly free. It is a comprehensive platform that provides all the services needed for dropshipping.


NextSmartShip offers simple, effective order fulfillment services for eCommerce retailers and crowdfunding campaign organizers. With fulfillment centers in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Europe, and the United States, NextSmartShip is a useful tool for clients to expand their businesses globally.

NextSmartShip is not a dropshipping tool. However, since the service does not have minimum order requirements, you can use their order fulfillment service, just like dropshipping. You’ll have few inventory-management and storage expenses, so it will be as risk-free and cost effective as traditional dropshipping.


Both NextSmartShip and CJDropshipping operate in the eCommerce b2b space, i.e., their services are utilized by other companies. However, they target different niches;

  • NextSmartShip is a third-party order fulfillment company. They manage inventory, pick, pack, and fulfill customer orders.  Their top competitors are Easyship, Shipwire, and ShipBob.
  • CJDropshipping, as the name suggests, is a Dropshipping platform. CJDropshipping competitors include Oberlo, wiio, and Spocket.


CJ integrates with various platforms that include Shopify, eBay, shipstation, WooCommerce, Lazada, and Amazon.

NextSmartShip offers several integrations as well and has a greater variety than CJ. It provides a seamless connection to the following platforms; eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Open cart, Squarespace, Pretashop, Magento, Shopify, and many others.

NextSmartShip also offers custom integrations for unsupported platforms. All you have to do is ask for a custom solution for your brand, and their support staff will set you up.

Customer Service

CJ offers its clients several ways to request support. You may contact them via telephone or email. The platform also has a knowledge base filled with video tutorials on using the features they offer. CJ’s knowledge base is intuitively designed, with the content categorized into helpful sections that provide video, content, Frequently asked questions, and Expert topics.

NextSmartShip offers live-chat, a knowledge base, and dedicated client support, so you can rest assured there will always be a quick, helpful response to your concerns.  Your account manager will also help you manage day-to-day logistics operations, so you can focus on growing your business.  

The NextSmartShip resource center offers valuable content like how to get started with the NextSmartShip website, frequently asked questions, pricing, and product management. Just like CJ, NextSmartShip resource center is well organized and has integrated search functionality.  


CJ’s primary offering is a powerful dropshipping interface.  The CJ dropshipping app offers a variety of attractive features.

  • You can import products to your store with a few clicks.
  • Free product sourcing and thousands of print-on-demand items
  • You can source directly from 1688 and Taobao.
  • CJ’s offers same-day processing; you can ship from a US warehouse directly to your US market.
  • The company offers custom packaging and helps you monitor product quality before shipment.
  • You get automated order tracking and delivery analyses.
  • You can have 24/7 support for your dropshipping business.

NextSmartShip provides fulfillment services. When you sync order with them, they will store, pick, pack, and ship orders to your customers.

NextSmartShip fulfillment service extends to crowdfunding campaigns as well. They offer quick, low-cost service that enables you to get rewards to your customers. They’ll help you optimize your shipping process so you can focus on pleasing your backers.

NextSmartShip will help you prepare your merchandise for storage in Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon has an overwhelming number of rules for fragile products, items sold as sets, and so on. NextSmartShip team of experts will help you ensure your packages meet all of amazon’s requirements.

Subscription boxes are widely popular among eCommerce retailers, but it’s hard to get right. With plenty of experience in assisting multiple subscription companies, NextSmartShip provides expert solutions on subscription fulfillment.

From custom packaging to quality control and order management, Nextsmartship got you covered. Like CJ dropshipping, NextSmartShip offers dedicated client support, order synchronization, and order tracking.  

The most significant difference between NextSmartShip and CJ’s services here is scope.  

While CJDropshipping is limited to dropshipping eCommerce, NextSmartShip offers a broad range of services that include FBA preparation and Freight shipping.


CJDropshipping pricing

If the products you request are found in their US warehouse, then they’ll only charge you for product price and shipping cost. If, however, the products you want to sell do not exist in their US Storage locations, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee, processing fee, and warehouse fee. Storage fees start at USD 0.8 for a cubic meter per day. The first 30 days are free for new customers. The processing fee is $0.6 – $5.00 per item, depend on the item weight.

Note: CJ charges 1.5$ per cubic meter per day if you have a low inventory turnover rate.

NextSmartShip pricing

NextSmartShip doesn’t charge you for using its platform; it also doesn’t request a fee for receiving inventory.  Handling will cost USD 0.99 per item. This includes picking, packing and packaging, stickers, promotional inserts, and others.

Furthermore, signing up on the platform grants you significant shipping discounts with leading carriers.

NextSmartShip offers 90 days free storage in China fulfillment center and 30 days free storage in other fulfillment centers.


Cjdropshipping warehouse locations

CJ has warehouses in locations that include Thailand, The United States, China, and Germany. This allows them to serve products to customers in various locations around the world. Unfortunately, these facilities may lack a fulfillment center’s full capabilities, since the CJ website lists them as warehouses, not fulfillment centers.

NextSmartShip warehouse locations

Nextsmartship has warehouses and fulfillment centers situated in the world’s largest transport hubs. So, it doesn’t matter where your customers are; they can get their orders within 2days. Nextsmartship fulfillment center locations include Europe, the USA, China, and Australia.


Both CJ and NextSmartShip are popular eCommerce that offer attractive features. CJDropshipping is an ideal sourcing solution for dropshipping brands, mainly because it lets you source products from popular suppliers like Taobao.  So, if you want a dedicated dropshipping platform and don’t expect to change your business model, then it may be the perfect fit for you. You may also try CJDropshipping alternatives like Oberlo and Spocket.

Unfortunately, however, Companies like CJDropshipping lack the scalability of a full-fledged fulfillment partner, so it’s unlikely they will support your business when you need to expand.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for long term growth at an affordable price, Nextsmartship is the best option for your brand. The company offers a broad range of services dedicated to helping eCommerce companies achieve sustainable growth.

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