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Direct-to-Consumer Talks!
A series of live informational webinars

DTC Talks builds a tight connection between e-com merchants and experts from all fields, such as sourcing, marketing, branding, fulfillment, and anything related to the ecommerce business, to help online sellers further understand survival mechanisms and learn professional skills to expand their business. 

Episode 2:
Sourcing from China
- 5 Tips in 2022

14:00. GMT (UTC+0) Tue, April 19, 2022

Join us on April 19!

    Lisa Chen from Supplyia will share five tips about sourcing from China.
    • How to verify suppliers in China and build a long-term relationship?
    • How to overcome the language barrier and culture differences?
    • How to control quality and negotiate a reasonable price?

    About Speakers

    Kai Ma
    Your Host

    Marketing Project Manager


    Kai has over seven years of key account management and international marketing projects experience in multiple countries. “Passion, connection and diversity are my words to live by.” He is honored to help ecommerce brands enhance their businesses scaling-up with expertise.

    Lisa Chen
    Your Guest

    Senior Marketing Manager


    With over five years of supply chain experience at Supplyia sourcing company, Lisa has been deeply involved in China supply chain management, including negotiating contracts, establishing quality control structures, strengthening supplier relationships, and securing better financial terms. Lisa contributes with her in-depth China expertise to all sourcing management levels.


    Episode 2

    5 Tips For Sourcing From China

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