Fulfilled by
Merchant (FBM) Fulfillment

We already known that with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), online retailers can sell on Amazon with less stress and make items more appealing to global buyers. That’s why using FBA is a good way to grow your online business rapidly. But as your business grows, item categories and inventory are gradually increasing, having a plan B will be a smart thing to do. Except FBA, there is another option for Amazon sellers, Fulfillment by Merchant(FBM), which means the seller can cooperate with a third party fulfillment company and have their order fulfilled globally, just like using FBA, But with fewer regulations and lower budget.
FBA or FBM, which one is better for your eCommerce business? Amazon sellers can evaluate according to the product type, product size & weight, logistics budget and other needs. On the other hand, you can always use them both, which will double your exposure and get more sales opportunities.

FBA Vs. FBM, which
one is better for your business?

Ask Yourself These Questions Before
Making the Decision


Choose FBA If

Choose FBM If

Good FBA Alternative

NextSmartShip has multiple Global Fulfillment Centers in China, USA, Europe and Australia,
all centers can provide one-stop, FBA standard fulfillment service.

Fulfill in China
Fulfillment Center

If your manufacturer or supplier is in China, we recommend fulfilling your orders in our China fulfillment center in Shenzhen. You can enjoy cost-effective handling fee, 30 days free warehousing and a lot of shipping options ship from China to the worldwide as fast as 3 days.

Fulfill in Global
Fulfillment Centers

If you want to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences and provide FBA-standard services, you can keep your inventory in our global fulfillment centers. Our pricing is much simpler and affordable than FBA warehouses.

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