Product Sourcing Guide for eCommerce Business

Nowadays, thanks to the frenzy rhythm of today’s society, e commerce presents itself as one of the most valuable option for creating an online business and it could open to you a world full of possibilities and profitable chances. However, know that starting an e commerce business is difficult, and it comprehends many tough choices, such as product sourcing. Product sourcing is one of the most important steps in creating a new eCommerce business, since it may influence the entire chain of supply and heavily change your new business online. This is one of the many reason’s product sourcing must be one of your biggest concerns in your entrepreneurs’ career, but also, if you will play your cards well and choose an optimal product sourcing, the key to your success and your business’ one.

Product Sourcing: What it is and why it is so important

Product sourcing is a term that describes the process between the business’ choice of a product, its manufacturing, and its final gaining for the market. As I stated before it is a fundamental step in shaping a business’ process and image, since it would represent the backbone and the dominant image that your future clients will have about your business.

Despite looking simple, this process entails so many important choices, such as researching for the right supplier, looking for good and ethical materials, price and costs calculations and the methods used for their production. If you can learn a few tips on the right product sourcing, you will create a strong and valuable foundation for your business, making it easy for it to rise and become successful.

Product Sourcing Guide for eCommerce Business

The most common methods of product sourcing

When you will look for product sourcing, you will find out that there are many options available for you. Despite what will be your ultimate choice, you should at first be aware of all the possibilities ahead of you, to understand the best fitting option for your business and discover, maybe, some new chances. The most popular ones are:

Manufacturer–Thanks to this option, you could cut the supply chain easily and create a personal relationship with a private company that could give you information about the product’s quality, the quality control over it. You could receive a good amount of sourcing products and be present in every step of the manufacturing process. However, be part of the marketing search for a very long time and engage in other events that could help you.

Handmade and DIY–This option is becoming more and more popular, since it brings you a unique and high-quality product that will not be by other companies and so will make also your company unique to the customer’s eyes. It will be also easy to find these product suppliers since you could find them in markets and many websites. However, now it would be more difficult to retrieve sizeable amounts of products and products’ materials.

Trade shows–These are enormous events that are created solemnly to form relationships between companies and product suppliers, so you will be part of the product search and the manufacturing process behind every single supplier. It will also make easier your choice since you could first-hand conduct your marketing search and see the reactions of the customers.

Dropshipping – This method is one of the most common ones since it will simplify your work and it will allow you to open an ecommerce business online without too many complications. You will suggest to the company the lists of products and they will make and ship the order when the sale will be made. In this way, you will cut the supply chain and will be free from some production steps, but you will have to fight with other companies with similar products and your profit margins will be lower.

Marketplaces and Product Sourcing Platforms–Take advantage of ecommerce itself and research online for existing marketplaces or platforms, from the most famous ones to the youngest, to provide to your company, the best and easiest product search. This will also heavily help you with the marketing search and direct your company on a customer-based level. Despite these, you will not be the only one to explore this option, so you would work harder to increase your profit margins and fight other competitors.

Product Sourcing Platforms: Why Product Sourcing in China?

As I have shown before it, online sourcing for your products could be very profitable for your company and it could help you find in a few and easy steps a substantial amount of products’ materials and new opportunities. These new online sourcing platforms, such as, or, could help you achieve your business’ goals and be ready from the beginning to open your business on a larger scale. Looking for a product sourcing platform with access in China could considerably help your business.

Product sourcing in China: Pros and Cons

 First, these companies could offer you a larger amount and a higher output of products. This advantage will make you could offer a wider choice to your public. You will also have a greater availability than the local produced e commerce platforms. In this way, you could avoid such complex and annoying issues such as finishing your inventory too fast. You will also manufacture enough products to satisfy all the clients, risking that you could lose some of them. These products sourcing companies will also offer you much faster prototyping processes than any other companies based in other countries. Thanks to the using state-of-the-art techniques like CNC, these companies can bring your products to life, just as exactly as designed. All the processes will be possible in such a shorter time span and with greater precision.

Another encouraging factor would be the price range, because thanks to a China-based production. In this way, you could afford a higher output of products for a very profitable and lower price, at least in comparison with other countries’ product sourcing companies. In fact, you will notice how the overall price for the manufacturing process of goods is lower in China, without limiting the amount of product produced. So, the choice of investing in China-based product sourcing would only come at your advantages. Since you could afford a greater amount of goods for a more convenient price, you could firstly have also greater profit margins. As a result, you could earn not only more money but also could use it for reinvesting in your e-business and make it grow in a base of your needs.

Looking for a product sourcing partner abroad will give you also a significant advantage that will put you in front of all your competitors. Since the beginning of your ecommerce business’ life, it will allow you to expand your market and have access to an international scale public. Putting your company on the spot for international, especially Asian, countries could allow you to find a greater customer niche. This could help you could propose your product and invest in those novel experiences. Expanding your company on an international scale would be easier and faster, if you could lock up this economic relationship by choosing China-based companies.

You should know that, while looking up for this option, beware of other features. Despite the myth that ‘Made in China’ products comprehend poorly made goods is absolutely not true, you should be aware that you should put extra care. Your goal will be to find appropriate and professional product sourcing companies that will offer you prime quality and a greater service. It may seem difficult, but as soon as you will find the proper company, you could achieve a top-notch quality service. Your products will be at the same level of Sony, Apple and others, for a convenient price. One factor that could influence your products will be the extra shipping times, which could make the supply chain and the overall manufacturing process longer. By partnering with NextSmartShip, your average shipping times will be reduced by 20% at least, Save over 40% on your fulfillment costs.

Product Sourcing: How to make the best choice

Product sourcing can be a tricky question, especially if you are approaching for the first time to the ecommerce world, but with the proper tools and notions, you can know the many options ahead of you and decide which one of them will fit better for your business’ plans. No matter what you will prefer, remember that your choice for the right product sources will shape and represent your business and its branding in the customers’ minds.

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