Finding the Right China Sourcing Agent For Your Business

Starting a business sometimes seems impossible as there are many things you need to take care of, but with the recent boom in online global markets, things seem promising. Now, you can run a sourcing business or dropshipping without ever needing to keep items at your location.

So, if you are overwhelmed with the trove of information and thousands of products and suppliers, we have the answer. This article shares the best starter information about China sourcing agents to help you. Read the article and learn how to hire your first China sourcing company and start selling. You will also get to know about the best China sourcing agent. So, what are you waiting for?

China Sourcing Agent

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Part 1. What is a China Sourcing Agent?

A China sourcing company or agent is a specialist agent or a group of specialists working for a company to import products from China to your country. Most of these Chinese agents are there to help you find the best products with highly competitive pricing. Furthermore, they make sure the legal documentation and process are adhered to. With minimal China sourcing agent fees, you get the following benefits.

  • These agents will help you find the best suppliers and get you a direct connection with even the manufacturers for the best prices.
  • A China sourcing agent has numerous connections because they are locals and can provide immense value to your business.
  • If you are a small business, a dedicated agent can work personally with you. For a company, multiple agents can be provided to support different avenues.
  • You are better off with companies than an individual China sourcing agent, as each specializes in a particular product/category or industry.

All these sourcing agents need from you are the product’s name, the MOQ amount, and the manufacturing costs you are targeting. You can also provide them with competitor links, images, or details of your target, and they will find it for you.

Part 2. Benefits of Working with China Sourcing Agents/ Companies

We understand most small-sized businesses are a bit hesitant the first time they hire a China sourcing company or agent to avoid fraud. Furthermore, sometimes, the language barrier might cause issues in professionalism or uncalled-for behavior. At first, it does seem that way, but when you start small and build a bond with an agent, you have nothing to worry about.

Here are some benefits a Chinese agent will provide that are worth it.

Saving Time

The time you would have spent scouring Chinese supplier markets online is now saved as a more experienced agent is working on your case. Now, instead of looking for background information on these suppliers, you have someone who can quickly vet for their authenticity locally. You can now focus on essential matters.

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Even if your supplier doesn’t speak English, the agent can easily share and explain critical information so you get the best products for your demands.

Cost Saving

With minimal China sourcing agent fees, you get the best products from the market that aren’t easy to find. In the long run, you gain more profit from spending little fee on the agent.

Ease of Negotiations

An agent is well-versed in local dynamics and can get you the best product and service deals because they knows how to negotiate with locals. Speaking the local language is the biggest boon in this case.

Manufacturer Verification

Your China sourcing agent knows how to distinguish fake from original documents and can easily verify from the trade department to get verification documents if needed. Most certificate and business data is available online, which a local agent can easily verify.

Part 3. NextSmartShip: The Best China Sourcing Agent

If you are looking for the best sources in China and don’t know where to start, we have already explained the first step is to get a good China sourcing agent. NextSmartShip is tailored to provide just that: where they can source products and parts, communicate with suppliers, and more. Sourcing is the first critical step, and what comes next is your choice, but NextSmartShip is there for you till the end. Here are some of their prime features that you must consider.

NextSmartShip Staff

Key Features

  • You don’t need MOQ, as they will help you with it.
  • They perform all the shipping tasks on your behalf, even packaging and delivering it directly to your customer.
  • Advanced tech support allows you to monitor your delivery status, which can also be directed to the customer, saving you time and money.
  • With their Automated Order Management, everything is taken care of. When the customer purchases a product, NextSmartShip will pick, pack, and even ship to the destination.
  • When you work with them, you save 40% on shipping and fulfillment while saving significant profit margins on the product.
  • Free startup, flexible shipping, increased speed, and much more.
  • Additional services: photographing, brand packaging, and gift cards.

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Why Choose Us?

With these amazing features, you become part of a Global Fulfilment Network that gives you access to multiple warehouses worldwide, further increasing your shipping speed. When you have a China sourcing agent that takes care of sourcing and shipping, your customers will get the best experience they deserve.

If you want to learn more about their sourcing, packing, shipping, and other advanced services, feel free to contact an expert.

Part 4. China Sourcing Companies Fees: What to Know

Typically, there are no standards, and you have to talk to each China sourcing company to get detailed prices, but it is best to compare with different sources. On average, they may charge you anything between 5-10% of the order’s value based on how good it is.

Here is a breakdown of different purchase percentages and their sources.

Different Types of Sourcing Fees

There may be an initial source-finding fee, which is nominal. But they don’t charge you for communication only when the deal is made, and they will take their commission. The China sourcing agent fees differ for professionals when you ask them for additional work such as taking photos or video of a product working, etc.

Common Pricing Structures for China Sourcing Services

If you order a product worth less than $1,000, the fee can be anywhere around $100, and anything above $1k will be in percentage. So, 9% for $1,000-3,000 slowly decreases to 5% for anything greater than $10,000. You can always negotiate for a better deal the bigger the order is.

If you start working with NextSmartShip, they take care of packaging and finding the right source for only 0.5, picking the source including packaging and other things. The price is reduced for each additional pick, including setting up the account and software.

The shipping costs are extra, which you can know from their pricing page or get in contact with an expert for more fulfillment advice.

FRQs about China Sourcing Agent

Let’s now have a look at the answers to some of the most commonly asked queries!

1. How do I Find a Chinese Sourcing Agent?

The simplest method to find a China sourcing agent is through someone you know who has already worked with them. In that case, you should look for a China sourcing company rather than an agent, as they will have the resources and time to assign dedicated workers to you.

The 2nd way is to search online on forums where you may find similar-minded people who can guide you towards their agent and experiences.

Finally, if you can, you can visit China for a week or so, get the lay of the land, and meet professional people to get you in touch with manufacturers and suppliers in the market.

2. Who Is the Best Sourcing Agent in China?

Are looking for an authentic sourcing agent in China? It can be not easy if you don’t know someone who has previously used one. But if you take experience and clients as credibility, you should definitely work on getting in touch with NextSmartShip and going through what they offer.

The best tip is to contact a few agents, ask for samples, and place smaller orders to assess their professionalism. Increase orders when you are satisfied and then make a proper contract for a longer term.
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Wrapping It Up!

In this article, we discussed in detail why sourcing is the first step towards running a business and building a proper trading route. If you understand what you need and further understand the dynamics, you need a China sourcing agent to help you find the best quality products.

With many things at play and some agents charging exorbitant China sourcing agent fees, you are better off with an agent/company like NextSmartShip, who can do more than find your best sources. With the help of packaging, shipping, real-time data, and more, they are your best bet when running a business. Hope you found this info helpful. Stay tuned for more os such informative guides!