China Warehousing: An Important Aspect of Order Fulfillment


Most eCommerce businesses involved in the online B2B or B2C market get their suppliers from China sourcing. This means that most of the goods that are being distributed to the other parts of the world by online eCommerce marketers come from China. The journey to securing order fulfillment is a very tricky one, and one of the essential aspects is warehouse management.

Warehousing solutions are the aspect of order fulfillment that occurs after the client makes the purchase, and the supplier releases the goods. There has to be a warehouse on the ground where the goods will be stored and packaged before being sent to various parts of the world where it was demanded.

China Warehousing - An Important Aspect of Order Fulfillment

Some eCommerce stores have their local warehouses, which is not the best of options, as will be considered in this content. Having a China warehouse is one of the best approaches to the management system in the eCommerce industry. There are several reasons why this solution is essential, some of which are discussed below:

Problems Associated with Having Warehouses Outside China

It Is More Expensive

Most of the times, to get a local warehouse available for your goods, you have to spend a whole lot of money to build structures, and this can be very expensive. Some countries limit eCommerce stores and the number of goods that can be transported into the country at once. These countries ensure this by fixing a high price on having a warehouse within the country.

Difficulty in the Correction of Order Errors

When your customer places their order, especially when the goods are too many, it is possible to pack the wrong products and even forget to pack some other ones. If you are the kind of eCommerce store that has a large market base, having a warehouse outside of China might be dangerous because once a mistake has been made in the order packing, it becomes difficult to correct it. This can make the business lose customers in no time, and it can also limit referrals.

Time Wasting

Apart from the money that can be wasted when intending to build a domestic warehouse outside of China, time can also be wasted. This is because the time it takes for a supplier to get directly to a business owner outside of China can be so long, and there is bound to be a delay. This is not the case when the supplier knows that the warehouse is close by, and express deliveries can be made possible.

The Problem of Dead Space

Dead space is that space that is occupied by unneeded inventories or the ones that are presently not in demand. There is usually the problem of dead space in the warehouse management system outside of China. This is because it becomes difficult to return the goods to the manufacturer or supplier once the product has crossed the border. Dead space means that money is wasting not to talk about the possibility of the products being damaged, which no manufacturer wants.

Fulfilment Center

Importance of Having A China Warehouse

Monitoring And Repacking Services

A good china warehouse management system not only provides the service of storage but also inspects the goods that are stored and correlating it with the orders that the client placed. This means that there will be fewer errors when placing orders, and customers can get what they have asked for. This, in turn, will help increase trust and loyalty among customers, and the chances of getting referrals become higher.

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Free Storage

Free storage services for a particular period is a rare feature that only the best warehouse solutions provide. This means that eCommerce business owners can have the opportunity of keeping their goods in the warehouse free for several days. Some can offer one month while some other ones offer a 3-month opportunity. Most businesses should utilize this one good advantage, as this makes them spend less.

Order Tracking

The best fulfillment warehouse also provides order-tracking services for the customer and the owner of the business. This means that the client has the opportunity to monitor the location of the order right from when it gets to the warehouse until when it reaches the final destination. This can help ease the burden of worrying about logistics, and this can increase customer satisfaction for the business.


The importance of labeling is that their owners can quickly identify each of the goods. This means that the order becomes tailored to the particular owner, and no one can make a mistake of picking the wrong package during delivery. It also adds a form of branding and professionalism to the business, giving the business owner an edge over the other eCommerce businesses.

Quality Control Management

Most of the time, neither the owner of the business nor the customer has an idea of how the product looks like. They only hope the order comes exactly in the form of what is seen in the pictures or videos. The China warehouse can help in inventory management and quality control by ensuring that the quality of the order that has been placed is guaranteed before sending it out to be distributed to various parts of the world.

Way Forward

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