eCommerce Order Tracking: A Trick to Enjoying Sales Boost Online

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Buying and selling online has experienced several major advancements in recent years. Right now, business owners can now act as intermediaries online for a particular product. This means that a producer does not have to get directly to the final consumer. There are additional chains in between the production business, and this is why the idea of eCommerce stores came into place.

Ecommerce business owners are business owners who have their shops online and market products being produced by other companies to the final consumer or other business. This means an eCommerce store can be B2C or B2B marketing.

When setting up an eCommerce website, it is, however, essential to note that customers are more satisfied when they can follow their product right from the point of purchase to when it becomes delivered to them. This means that every step of the order fulfillment is essential for a customer, and this is why the eCommerce order tracking is necessary.

Ecommerce order tracking is integrations added to an eCommerce website to ensure that customers can get tracking information and properly follow up their product right from the point of placing the order to when they get their product delivered to them. Shipment tracking, estimated delivery date, as well as other important updates about the product to be delivered, are components of an eCommerce order tracking.

eCommerce Order Tracking - A Trick to Enjoying Sales Boost Online

Importance of eCommerce Order Tracking

It Helps to Answer Several Questions: eCommerce order tracking saves the business owner a lot of time. This means that the time that will be used to answer several questions from the buyer can be channelled to doing something else. Some of the questions that an eCommerce order tracking answers readily are:  

  • when an order gets filled
  • confirmation of the components of the order placed; this helps to ensure that nothing is missing
  • when the order arrives at the warehouse and ready for pickup
  • why the order might be delayed at any point in time.
  • The locations of the order have it is being shipped down
  • When the order will be ready for pick up and the estimated delivery time.

All of these questions are important to the customer, as this helps them to feel like they are part of the process.

Cheaper Mode of Communication: When there is no means to track orders on an eCommerce store, the store owner will have no choice but to go ahead to hire someone or another company that will help in handling the inquiries of the customer. This can be very expensive when compared to the order tracking, which automatically answers most of the questions that might be on the customer’s mind.

Also, the customer care representative will be burdened with so much work if the order tracking is not implemented on the site. This might make the customer service ask for a larger pay or choose not to be very productive while working. Once the order tracking has been implemented on the eCommerce site, the representative will have less work to do, and he or she can then become more productive at work.

Increases Customer Satisfaction: Customers prefer having a high visibility level about the order they have placed. In fact, according to research recently done, 97% of customers endorse being carried along every step of the way in their order tracking process. This means that when you have an eCommerce order tracking on your website. You can be sure that customers will visit your site more often and even give good reviews. This is because they will trust your site more, hence increasing customer loyalty.

There are lots of competitions in the eCommerce world; there are several retails stores online that sell the same products. Implementing an eCommerce order tracking will go a long way in making a difference and for a retailer.

Control over Order Fulfillment: As a business owner, it fills well when you can help your customers get through the hurdles of making purchases online and delivery. There is no much involved in this process, and it goes beyond mere clicking on your site. You must be able to have control over order management, and this is another reason the eCommerce order tracking is essential.

It assists you in knowing the status of any order placed and anticipating any trouble if there is going to be one. The problem can be incomplete packaging or delay in the delivery date; it could also be delivering to the wrong address. Ecommerce order tracking helps the business owner in seeing all these from several miles away. The business owner can then inform the customer about the problem and how it can be sorted out.

This helps to build more trust and confidence in the mind of the customer, and the best form of marketing is when you can have repeat clients and not just the ones that will come and leave. The ones that leave good reviews are the best to have, and the secret is in having an eCommerce order fulfillment.

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Tips on How to Set up eCommerce Order Tracking

Before going ahead to integrate an order tracking on your online eCommerce store. You need to note that some pages should be dedicated to your website for every step involved in the order tracking. As a part of a whole process, the order status should be integrated with shipping, order and return statuses as well as a confirmatory or thank you page once the order has been received. Having a printable receipt ready for the client is also good as this will prove the legitimacy of your business and cause your customers to trust you more.

There is also the need to integrate email sent frequently to the client from the point the order has been placed to when it gets delivered. This will keep them informed and answer potential questions that might be on their minds.

Lastly, an order tracking page should be dedicated to the customer on the eCommerce site. This page will have a visible link which, when clicked, will show the full status of the package ordered, including a unique tracking number to the customer. All of these will give an eCommerce store an edge over the other stores with a poor order tracking system.

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The Most Important Tip

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