Shopify Dropshipping Apps in 2023. Which should I Use?

shopify dropshipping apps

As businesses have gone online, online sellers are faced with the term ‘dropshipping’ more and more every day. The Shopify dropshipping app is a system which stores purchase goods from a third-party seller and organize for them to be delivered directly to the buyers instead of keeping any inventory. The benefits of the shopify dropshipping app are that from a business owners’ perspective: It is flexible, easy to manage, easy to begin with a wide range of products to sell, and it requires significantly less capital in comparison to alternative online businesses. In this piece, we’re going to explore the best Shopify dropshipping apps.

The most popular platform to utilize the best dropshipping apps is Shopify, and when using the Shopify platform, it is essential that one uses the best dropshipping app available. Shopify dropshipping apps enable you to identify and find the best products from multiple international suppliers. This blog will examine and determine the best apps to efficiently optimize the Shopify platform instead of endlessly going through various apps offered which aren’t up to your standards. After reading this, you’ll be able to find the best apps to satisfy your online shopping needs.

8 Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

1. NextSmartShip

Rating: 5*


NextSmartShip is defined as a fulfilment management tool for all Shopify users. The app contains a web app that is linked with Shopify. Through this, customers can ‘One-Click Sync’ orders. The NextSmartShip app also provides advanced tracking management features to give customers complete control of their orders; it tracks orders and shipments updates with real-time notifications. Gone are the days of calling customer support and constantly checking your order status. NextSmartShip’s inventory management system keeps you updated on every move of your order status.

Key feature: ‘Helping you build brand awareness.’

The NextSmartShip app helps you build your band. NextSmartShip supplies you with various branding strategies ranging from personalization to custom packaging, all for you to focus and build on your brand awareness.


The NextSmartShip app is more than just a shopify app which is free to use. It’s also an order fulfillment company which offers various different ranges of logistics services. There are many services within the NextSmartShip app that are free of charge. This ranges from software setting up to product receiving. Other features in the app  is only charged after having had use of it, for example, the product handling and product shipping. Once these features have all been utilized, there is then a shallow pricing scheme compared to the rest of the market. NextSmartShip offer free storage service for your first 30 days in all its fulfillment centers.

  • Setup = Free
  • Receiving = Free
  • Storage = Free for your first 30 days
  • Handling = $0.99 per order (this can vary depending on the location one is sending from)
  • Shipping = This varies and is based on a few different factors such as weight, measurements, destination, desired shipping service & more.
  • Added customized services = varies depending on the request

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2. Orberlo

Rating: 4.2*


Designed to assist your side hustle, elevate your career or let you focus on a project, Orberlo is the app to expand your dropshipping business. Passing the 100 million mark of products sold on Orbelo’s app, it definitely works. The diversity of the products sold on the app exemplifies the system’s flexibility.

In as few steps as possible, Orbelo’s dropshipping app lets you gather your products, personalize the details and then pump them into the market. No need to worry about the shipping process; Orbelo is designed to put your energy into growing your dropshipping business.

Key feature:

Forget about shipping; worry about the sale. Through Orbelo, your vendors organize the logistics and give orders to your customers directly.


  • Free (Not all logistical services are free during the 30-day period, only warehousing is): This package contains a manual on how to build and execute your online business
  • $29.90 a month: Ready to take it to the next level? This package gives you the required eCommerce tools to revolutionize your Shopify presence

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3. Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping

Rating: 4.5*


The fastest shipping and award-winning products from distributors across the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia & more. With automated AliExpress dropshipping, the spocket dropshipping app enables you to focus on your business.

Key feature: Discounts

All products visible on the Spocket app have an average of 50% retail place to make you shine in the dropshipping sphere: no minimum order, no strings attached. Simply good prices.


Free (Not all logistical services are free during the 30-day period, only warehousing is):

  • 2M+ US & EU services
  • Automated orders
  • Free AliExpress Dropshipping
  • 24/7 communication support


  • Free plan included
  • 25+ unique products
  • No order cap


  • Free & Starter plan included
  • Over 250 unique products & 25 premium products
  • Personalized invoicing


  • All plans included
  • 10,000+ Unique products & 10,000+ Premium products

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4. Modalyst

Rating: 4.5*


Selected as the official partner of the AliExpress Dropshipping service, Modalyst has you covered. This partnership enables Modaylst to directly connect Shopify stores directly to AliExpress suppliers and goods for dropshipping use.


Key feature: Largest Marketplace of Dropshipping Products

The critical feature of Modalyst is that it directly connects businesses to specific suppliers on the marketplace showing them the highest quality products. From this, Modalyst has become the biggest online marketplace for dropshipping buyers and sellers.


  • Free to install (Not all logistical services are free during the 30-day period, only warehousing is).
  • Plans starting from $35 a month depending on the number of listings on your store

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5. Teelaunch

Rating: 4*


The leading dropshipping app in the ‘print on demand’ market on Shopify.

Helping over 200,000 Shopify businesses start and run their business, Teelaunch knows what they’re doing. The struggle for users is that often they have limited products to sell; that’s where Teelaunch helps. They take the work out of creating products for your online business.

With over 150,000 feet of ‘print on demand’ facilities worldwide, Teelaunch is prepared for whatever you need. It’s so frequently used that over 20 products are created on their dropshipping app every second.

Key feature: flexibility

Gain an international online presence through the option to export products globally with Teelaunch’s facilities being located in a variety of different locations.


  • Free (Not all logistical services are free during the 30 day period, only warehousing is).

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6. Smart Express

Rating: 5*


Marketed as the easiest way to build and automate your online business, Smart Express makes it simple for you. The Premier Dropshipping automation app on Shopify, SMAR7, takes the hours of preparation and learning out of the equation, and all that is required is one-click to add a product and then one more click to complete any order you receive. SMAR7 helps you use your time efficiently and no longer needs you to spend your time fulfilling your orders individually.

Key feature: Timesaving:

What used to take hours now no longer does, thanks to SMAR7. Users can import products directly from AliExpress to your stores with only one click. Less time for admin, more time for sales.


  • Free trial – 7 days, $7.99 a month (Not all logistical services are free during the 30 day period, only warehousing is).

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7. Importify

Rating 4.5*


A dropshipping app that helps you find products from a range of suppliers, add them to your Shopify store and sell them, Importify enables you to focus on marketing and managing your business. Importify offers a service to help users automate their tasks by importing products from several suppliers to their own personalized Shopify stores and complete orders in a matter of clicks.

By automating these tasks, you have the time to focus on what you really want to be doing.

Key feature: Finding dropshipping products to sell

The Importify research product system allows you to observe other Shopify stores to help you discover the best-selling products right now to boost your online business.


  • Basic: $14.95/month or $11.95 a month billed once annually at $143.40.
  • Premium: $27.95 a month or $22.95 a month billed once annually at $275.40.
  • Gold: $37.95 a month or $30.95 a month billed once annually at $371.40.

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8. Inventory Source

Rating: 4*


Inventory source is a dropship management tool that allows you to automate the upload of your products, and sync with your inventory and orders with dropship users to any online eCommerce platform.

Key feature: ‘No Middleman’

The inventory Source app cuts out the middleman by giving you the supplier price. Inventory directly connects you to the supplier, and gives you exclusive access and full support to elevate your online business.


Free (Not all logistical services are free during the 30 day period, only warehousing is):

  • Access to Inventory’s 200+ dropship supplier portfolio
  • Filter products through unique categories


  • 200+ pre-Integrated providers
  • Automated product data upload


  • Automated shipping tracking
  • Full management interface control

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To summarize, the dropshipping apps available in the current Shopify market are all there to help you optimize your time efficiently on the platform. Ranging from free apps to automated shipping to access to exclusive products, the available dropshipping apps have you covered to grow your online presence. If you haven’t used Shopify before or are an experienced user, each app varies in plans to help you keep growing, and, more importantly, keep selling.

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