Shopify Order Fulfillment with NextSmartShip

Shopify is a trending platform for those doing e-commerce business, like dropshipping or brand-building. Shopify makes it amazing for its accessibility to a great many design templates, flexibility for onsite SEO and compatibility with multiple apps.

Compared with Amazon, Shopify pales in order management, inventory management and shipping management. Shopify sellers spare their efforts in finding convenient apps to compensate for this. Oberlo, one of the frequently used apps, is applicable for order management, inferior in the other two. NextSmartShip unifies the management of order, inventory, warehouses,  and shipping with its self-developed OMS system for your Shopify order fulfillment. The integration with your Shopify store is quite easy.

Shopify Order Fulfillment with NextSmartShip

Order management

After integrating with Shopify and mapping your online store SKU with the OMS system, our OMS system pull orders from your Shopify store automatically. When the goods are sent to our worldwide fulfillment centers, you could view and track in the dashboard to see the real-time inbound & outbound status (e.g. shipped, on hold, backorder, exception, etc.) The tracking number is pushed to your Shopify store after confirmation, according to which you and your consumers can view delivery status.

Kitting & merging orders are 2 complicated processes related closely with the order & inventory management. Kitting means preassemble individual items in a suite to sell, such as subscription box, while merging orders, means combine multiple orders in one delivery. NextSmartShip handles with kitting & merging intelligently.

Let me give you an example:

Supposed that you have 2 products in your Shopify store, SKU A & SKU B, and you have mapped them on the OMS system.

In kitting:

You have one SKU C selling one SKU A & one SKU B in a bundle. Then you could relate OMS SKU C to SKU A & SKU B.

1 x OMS SKU C = 1 x OMS SKU A + 1 x OMS SKUB

Every time one SKU C is sold, there would be a decrement in SKU A & SKU B on our system. There is no need to worry about inventory mistakes.

In merging:

Since you have done one-to-one relational mapping, our system could collect the data automatically. If the consumers select different items and buy them at one time, you don’t need to do another mapping again manually. Combining orders into one shipment would save your shipping cost.

For example:

If one buyer purchases 2 SKU A & 3 SKU B, we would pick and pack 2 SKU A & 3 SKU B and ship them. Then the quantities of SKU A and SKU B are reduced by 2 and 3 respectively in inventory.

Inventory management

“Alert triggered quantity” set is to keep your inventory up-to-date with warehouses, our system would send you alerts to kindly remind you of the urgent cases, like low inventory and so on. It is for you to anticipate and forecast the demand per SKU and to consider whether it’s time to reorder it from your manufacturers.

Once inventory arrives, we would inspect if products arrive in unexpected quantities or variants from manufacturers. Once inbound inventory is restocked, NextSmartShip will fulfill backorders.

Shipping Fulfillment Service

Fast & Low-Cost Shipping

Cooperated with several shipping couriers and shipping agents, various shipping options are offered for you to choose from. In the background, our technicians monitor and run tests every day to ensure integrations are working correctly with our logistics partners for accurate cost trials and billing.


Familiar with return policies, NextSmartship can coordinate returns for your customers, and shipping couriers and shipping agents. Apart from the return info, handling suggestions to discard or to restock for selling again is also provided.

NextSmartShip allows you to manage your several Shopify online stores in one dashboard, connecting worldwide fulfillment centers for order, inventory and shipping management.  

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