Streamline Your Shopify Order Fulfillment with NextSmartShip

Shipping remains an inevitable part of e-commerce, and to an extent, it appears that the business world has not been able to achieve perfection in that area. There have been some brilliant attempts to make it less burdensome, and this is where fulfillment companies come in. Logistics management is a core part of e-commerce, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Without involving any technicality, everyone who has placed an order in an online store knows that it is only reasonable that they are particular about the speed of delivery when making online purchases.

Time and again, companies have experienced the cancellation of orders due to slow delivery speeds, and it is common to find people who abstain from purchasing items online because of late delivery and costly shipping. Here’s why the fulfillment service is highly essential to give shoppers a fantastic customer experience by making order processing stress-free.

Streamline Your Shopify Order Fulfillment with NextSmartShip

Fulfillment services have third-party warehouses called fulfillment centers where they prepare and ship orders. Merchants opt for fulfillment services to avoid the hassles of dealing with shipping. Others do so because they don’t have the required warehousing capabilities to ship items manually. So they subscribe to the services of fulfillment companies that offer end-to-end solutions such as taking up products from warehouse shelves, packaging them, and handing them over to shippers, after which they send automated emails to customers, informing them that their packages are in transit. These companies also offer credit-card processing, render call center services, and generally take the stress off merchants and shoppers.

Many fulfillment companies meet the needs of various business types and sizes; however, in this article, we will discuss Shopify Fulfilment Company and explain how it operates, as well as its level of effectiveness.

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What is Shopify Fulfillment?

Shopify fulfillment is a network of fulfillment centers in diverse geographical locations, equipped with powerful machine learning technology to facilitate inventory allocation, order routing, and demand forecasting, to achieve faster order delivery. Shopify aims at ensuring fulfillment through packaging products, shipping, tracking orders, dealing with inventory management, sorting inventory distribution, as well as returns and order processing of various inventory quantities.

Shopify’s Chief Product Officer, Craig Miller, announced during the 2019 Shopify Unite that the platform would move into the order fulfillment space. According to him, the Shopify Fulfilment Network aims to ease the brands’ entire selling experience.

The Shopify fulfillment company offers free custom packaging with its customers’ branded materials to enhance brand identity. Customers, in turn, enjoy the satisfaction that comes with their ability to track orders with the automated details sent to them. Furthermore, they have access to full visibility of their inventory level with real-time updates across all Shopify channels. The fulfillment package also involves recommending the best locations to keep inventory to saves time and shipping costs. However, the Shopify fulfillment network is not transparent enough in terms of follow up and pricing. This is where NextSmartShip comes in.

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What Does Shopify Fulfillment Cost?

On the Shopify Fulfilment Network, pricing varies across businesses. After merchants apply for the network, Shopify reverts with a custom quote, having considered certain factors such as storage, picking and packing, packaging, cost of shipping orders to customers, and special projects ― bundling, receiving, and validating inventory. This platform will fit well for renowned enterprises. However, startups and other small-scale businesses will through a sleepless night of worry during this process, and might eventually not be satisfied.

Does Shopify Offer Fulfilment?

Here’s a pertinent question that merchants continually find an answer to before getting on Shopify. However, NextSmartShip ensures that your order fulfillment is done without hassles via our transparent mode of operation.

After completing your integration with Shopify and syncing with our OMS, your orders can now be automatically pulled from your Shopify store. In the bid of that, you can now track the status of your products from the dashboard in real-time.

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Benefits of Using NextSmartShip for Your Shopify Fulfilment

Fast and Low Operation Costs

With NextSmartShip, you spend less to get a premium delivery. Our shipping operation is flexible. Hence, we offer various shipping options for you to choose from.

Inventory Management

An outstanding advantage of the NextSmartShip is the ability to keep track of stock in real-time across multiple selling platforms, via integrated third-party accounts. We ensure that you are kept apprised of all you need to know about your orders. We also ensure that backorders are fulfilled upon the detection of errors in the products sent.

Easy Data Management

When you receive orders on other platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, they get forwarded to your NextSmartShip account, making it easy to process orders for dispatch, receive messages, and receive payment without the hassles of monitoring multiple accounts. 

Transparent Pricing Policy

We understand that lots of small-scale businesses are thriving to get their brands to a global reach. NextSmartShip has a 100% transparent pricing policy without any hidden fee. Hence, startups and small-scale businesses find it easy to estimate costs early enough and increase the effectiveness of their system. It implies that there is full economic security provided for them.

Small Business Friendly

Shopify requires merchants to have between 10 and 10,000 shipping engagements each day to qualify for Shopify order fulfillment, which is quite a lot for some businesses. With NextSmartShip, No minimum order size, you have a 2-day fast shipping option that can get your goods across to you without piling up stock.

Dedicated Account Manager

Many fulfillment providers claim to have excellent customer service, but they are unresponsive. NextSmartShip customer service is practically a one-on-one approach with 24-hour daily support. From the moment NextSmartShip starts to process your fulfillment solution till orders are successfully fulfilled, you will know who to relate with about your orders.


Shopify Fulfillment Network has its services only open to US-based merchants. As a result, non-Shopify-suited businesses may need to find offers that suit their structure and size so that they can achieve fulfillment in their way.

NextSmartShip steps in at this point to have your hopes reignited again. We cover a global reach with several fulfillment centers around the world. And we also try to make our customers relaxed between their orders and it’s fulfillment. Choose the best fulfillment solution now!

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