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Sep 30, 19, updated Jun 20, 23

Sep 30, 19, updated Jun 20, 23

There is no doubt that making an e-commerce business international is one of the best ways to get more orders. A broader target audience will allow your business to achieve extra growth besides expanding the category of commodities. But unexpected problems come after joy: how to deliver so many packages to the doorsteps of customers all over the world? Order fulfillment can be hard for start-ups and early-stage firms, because like it or not, you have to deal with all the following things if you fulfill orders in-house.

  • Rent a warehouse
  • Manage inventory
  • Unpack big boxes
  • Pick, label and pack
  • Print and attach shipping labels
  • Negotiate with a lot of shipping couriers
  • Ship packages and send tracking numbers
  • Deal with custom matters

The Most Start-up Friendly Order Fulfillment Center in China

Among this complex links, start-ups may encounter these problems

In-house order fulfillment: high cost, low profit.

High shipping price is the number 1 reason of high shopping cart abandonment rate, so it’s wise to control the logistics cost of each unit of product. In-house order fulfillment is controllable, but it’s absolutely not a cost-effective way. Let’s not start with the warehousing fee, which varies according to the stock quantity. The shipping fee alone can be quite expensive, cutting off a chunk of the already limited profits.

Unprofessional shipping: long shipping time, low user satisfaction.

Modern consumers are not understanding because of so many options on the market. For start-ups who don’t know much about the actual timing of different shipping methods, shipping delays are difficult to avoid, so are the negative reviews because of them. Therefore, it’s better to seek the help of professionals from day one, choose the most suitable shipping modes of based on their long-term experience, rather than scramble to handle the bad reviews afterwards.

Dropshipping: high error rate, high return and refund rate.

People make mistakes, especially when they are unskilled or busy. That’s why the error rate is high when too many manual operations are involved in factory-direct dropshipping. Suppliers handle large orders every day, and more than that, let’s be honest, it’s your brand not theirs, they generally care more about getting more orders instead of YOUR consumer satisfaction. What distinguishes dedicated order fulfillment company from dropshipping suppliers are, they focus on only one thing and they are more professional. Order fulfillment companies have teams of experts and fully-automated order fulfillment system, neither of them can your dropshipping suppliers get in the short term. When the error rate is reduced, troubled refunds and returns will be reduced naturally.

In conclusion, it makes sense to outsource order fulfillment to a third-party logistic(3PL) company like nextsmartship.

We deal with everything, you focus on what matters.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the entire order fulfillment process involves a lot of steps, distracting start-ups from sales, marketing and business growth. Nextsmartship provides one-stop order fulfillment service that saves all the troubles, with a team of experts, nextsmartship offers a deep insight of early-stage e-commerce business, to ensure start-ups can get the best packing solutions, inventory management, custom services, shipping options and more.

Whole course dedicated customer service.

After register an account of nextsmartship order fulfillment system, you will receive an email from the dedicated customer manager, who will walk you through the whole process patiently. Every start-up has a lot of questions, we are here to help, please feel free to ask. The client manager jobs are to do all kinds of troublesome and complicated things instead of customers, providing order fulfillment without any stress.

Fast and affordable global shipping.

To delight consumers and reduce shopping cart abandonment rate, start-ups and newly established brand need fast shipping at low prices. This requires deep cooperation with major shipping couriers such as DHL, FedEx, Ups, TNT, Royal Mail, China Post, etc. Instead of negotiating with so many couriers, nextsmartship customers can get simple shipping solutions with transparent cost and timing, the solution is not only suitable and reliable, but also flexible enough to expand with the business.

Simple-to-use eCommerce integration.

nextsmartship order fulfillment is efficient as well, no need to worry about the flood of orders when you are very successful in marketing. Just after a few easy set-ups and some clicks, you can easily sync orders from Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Opencart or other commonly used e-commerce platforms. With the fully automated system, start-ups can easily take full control of order fulfillment, tracking, inventory levels, etc.

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