Tips for Custom Packaging Material

admin-5 December 2019

In shipping, the main purpose of packaging is to transport cargoes smoothly, to avoid breakage and leakage in delivery. However, good packaging is far from that. First impressions are made through packaging when your customers receive the items in 30 seconds. Favorable packaging is a portal to demonstrate your brand’s identity and a message to educate people.

There are many types of packaging material for interior and exterior uses.

Tips for Custom Pakcing Material

Exterior packaging

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most frequently used packaging material in shipping. In long-distance transport, strong corrugated boxes are sturdy and durable enough to protect delicate items, lowering the risk arising from squeezing and crimping. Corrugated boxes are available with varying sizes and shapes (cylindrical, rectangular, etc.). Tubes, made of corrugated material, are applicable to pack posters, calendars, maps, and blueprints. If you are going to blow up your business by selling New Years’ posters or “Chun Lian” in the coming of 2020, it’s time for you to prepare stocks and ship with tubes now. They prevent items from being torn and reinforce shape. Plastic end caps are included. There is no need for tape.

Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers:

Poly Mailers, made from polyethylene film, are lightweight, waterproof and dustproof. Being thin, they take up less storage space than card boxes so that you could provide your customers with competitive pricing. Poly Mailers are appropriate for small-sized items (beads, earrings, face foam, etc.) or a bigger sack encasing a single article of clothing. Different from “Tubes”, it is completely not compatible with paper-based items, cause they are easily bent in such thin and soft polyethylene.

Wooden crates

Wooden crates:

Wooden crates are usually for heavy-duty goods (wine, beers, etc.) and valuable goods. For instance, whether you are gifting a bottle of wine or a dozen of wines, it is a good idea to pack wines with wooden crates to commemorate a special occasion. Wooden crates facilitate ventilation for the fermentation of wine, keeping it at a moisture-proof environment and a constant temperature. And at the same time, they are constructive to minimize disruptions.     But it is not that simple. The vintage style of wooden crates serves as a decoration, carrying some sentimental value. Thus, you could sell them at higher prices.                                                    

Interior packaging:

In most cases, interior materials are for cushion, especially for those fragile items.

  1. Bubble wrap works well with corrugated boxes. Charging less, they are economical solutions for most sellers. Bubble wrap is commonly available in rolls.
  2. Peanuts and foam are typical in packing electronics items for better user experience. EPS foam or corn starch are environmentally friendly material. Foam blocks and sheets are made of resilient closed-cell foam, dampening the effects of vibration.
  3. Air pillows act as a durable block around your product, reliable cushion for light to medium products. They are trending packaging material for drinks, powders, spray, etc.
  4. Foam-in-place frameworks offer nearly 100% protection for products of almost any size, shape & weight cause it can keep the products in a fixed position. Customized foam-in-place makes your products artistic works, earning consumer’s loyalty for the brand.
Interior packaging

Exterior printed packaging

Apart from the initial purposes for protection, customized printings for advertising campaigns on the exterior of the packaging material is an effective way of promotion. Packaging material could have a direct influence on printings. Due to soft nature, poly bags are generally not the most ideal material to print on, but you could stick logos if printing is necessary. While for wooden crates and corrugated boxes, they are suitable for engraving important messages on the box.

Nextsmartship offers many packaging options. What’s the best packing material? There is no standard answer to this question. You could combine different packaging materials together to serve different purposes. Suppose you are going to mail 1 set of cosmetics products. First, pack it with foam-in-place, and then wrap it with enough air pillow to make it lighter to fit the corrugated boxes. Besides, your choice depends on your budget, categories & sizes of products. The best is those that suit your business. Still being confused? Let us know your requirements and we have professional solutions for your packaging deals.

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