The Best Order Fulfillment Strategy for Your eCommerce Brand

Establishing a brand is hard work, it requires full-directional marketing and service upgrading. You can not afford to let any of the aspects go wrong. As a full-service order fulfillment center in China, NextSmartShip provides branding-friendly fulfillment strategies to power the growth of your business.

As the global manufacture hub, China is the best place to make your prototypes into profitable products. If your manufacturer is in China, or you are ready to get your products made in China, no matter it’s China-based ODM, OEM or Alibaba / AliExpress supplier, as long as your goal is to establish a successful eCommerce brand, an order fulfillment center in China is required. Thanks to the developed China domestic logistics transport, it only takes 1-3 days to ship goods from factories in Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, etc., to NextSmartShip Shenzhen warehouse.


Implement all kinds of branding strategies

Whether you’re starting your branding from scratch, or have been selling a lot of good products and want to expand the business by establishing a brand, NextSmartShip is here to make things work. From brilliant ideas to delicate packages appears at the customers’ doorsteps, we take care of the details, you enjoy the glowing reviews.


Everything that lands in customer’s hands is a branding opportunity, there’s no reason to waste it by shipping orders in blank envelopes or boxes. Add cards in the packages ensures the buyer can pass on to a friend for a recommendation.


Combining two or more products (with different SKU) into one package helps sellers to clear long-term stock products and carry out a variety of marketing activities. Even the none-ecommerce businesses can use it to send subscription box for remarketing purpose.


Sometimes your customers need to put their number on a mailbox or add name initials on bags. You can provide personalization service to your customers and find it very helpful for holiday marketing.


Protect your intellectual property

Instead of just being OEM or ODM, a lot of Chinese manufacturers start to sell their own products on Amazon or other B2C platforms. Before bringing these potential competitors into your business, it’s better to make intellectual property protection plans to keep your brilliant ideas from stolen. NextSmartShip is the perfect 3rd party to make it happen. Since we don’t make any products, we will never become your competitor or leak your confidential information to any other parties. NextSmartShip can also help you integrate multiple suppliers and take care of kitting / assembly for the purpose of intellectual property protection.

We Can Do These As Well

  • 2-day fast shipping: We have multiple global fulfillment centers all around the world and global reach shipping methods, it takes only 2 days from world-wide fulfillment warehouses to end-consumers.
  • Easy return & restock: Multiple fulfillment warehouses in the USA, Australia and Europe to provide fast, affordable item return. Provide restock service which doesn’t affect re-sell. Effectively reduce return cost and improve customer satisfaction
  • Works like a in-house team: Dedicated customer service and less than 24 hours fast respond, we are just as reliable as your in-house order fulfillment team.