All You Need to Know about Facebook Shop

With over 2.6 billion active users monthly, Facebook remains the largest social network in the world. In the business world, Facebook has been a ground that many sellers use to connect with their customers. Many eCommerce business owners are leveraging the site to gather customer reviews about their products and services as well as managing their sales.

Studies have shown that social media users spend an average of 40 minutes on Facebook, and a chunk of the time goes into trading online. Hence, there are no better social media platforms to showcase your business to the world. With a business page, you can organically market your products and services or use paid advertisement.

Some sellers sell their products directly, while some know how to sync their online stores to Facebook. However, only a few people have heard about Facebook Shop being updated by Mark Zuckerberg during the pandemic period. This article will enlighten you on all you need to know about selling on Facebook and setting up a Facebook Shop.

All You Need to Know about Facebook Shop

What is Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shops is a platform that can be set up on a Facebook business page, which makes businesses accessible on a single online store for customers both on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Shop is free and straightforward to set up.

The Shops are of significant impact in the world of eCommerce, especially for small businesses. The idea has been the greatest Facebook move for online businesses. In a survey conducted by Facebook about online businesses, it shows that during this pandemic period, small businesses have been one of the highest sufferers.

It was reported that over 31% of small businesses in the US have folded up, while about 11% will fold up in three months. Facebook plans to support small businesses all over the world with $100 million and use Facebook as one of the platforms through which they can display what they sell.

Mark Zuckerberg Announced Launching Facebook Shop

Why Facebook Shop?

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Shop is the most significant step taken to enable commerce across its family apps. One of the main reasons behind this feat is the fact that small businesses generate the highest revenue for Facebook. However, large enterprises can also benefit from it.

Business owners on Facebook can create a “shop” section on their product’s business page, build out a directory of products and services that customers or potential customers can browse through, share, save, and purchase.

Just like your business webpage, Facebook Shop is highly customizable. From the colors that accentuate your products and services to the look and feel that your brand depicts, you can make the shop what you want.

There are third-party platforms that Facebook is partnering with, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. These platforms have great tools that will help small businesses run and quickly develop a huge presence on both Facebook and Instagram. The beauty of setting up a Facebook Shop is that once it’s done, it will get a quick integration to your business Instagram profile also.

Another addition to the Shop is the live shopping feature. Facebook Shop will soon come with a feature that will allow entrepreneurs to tag their products on-screen while advertising them on Facebook live.

How to Set Up A Facebook Shop

Setting up A Facebook shop is easy and totally free.

Enable Your Shop

If you don’t already have a “Shop” tab on your Facebook, go to your Page’s Settings. Then, click on “Edit Page” or “Tabs.”

Enable your Shop

When it opens, scroll down till you see the option to “Add a tab” or something similar. Find the “Shop” tab and click “Add Tab.” It will immediately be added to your Facebook Page and be available for you to customize.

Add a Tab onto Facebook Page

To see to it that your Shop gets plenty of attention, rearrange your tabs such that the Shop tab gets to the very top. To do this, click and hold the tab, then drag it to the top.

Add "Shop" tap onto Facebook Page

Set Up Your Shop

Upon enabling the Shop feature, go to your page and click on the Shop tab. You will be automatically directed to set up your shop.

Create a Facebook Shop in 3 Steps

First, you will have to enter your business address and status.

You will also be asked the state your business operates in and your tax registration number. You must know that this information will be visible on Facebook so that your visitors can be sure that you’re running an official and legitimate business.

Add State Tax Registration - Set Up A Facebook Shop

Finally, you’ll have to enter your email address and choose your relevant currency. However, Facebook will direct you to finish the payment setting later.

However, it takes up to 48 hours before your shop can go live. In the process of waiting, think about strategic ways to make your shop more attractive and what product your audience would like because your shop won’t go live until you add your products there.

Add Products to Your Shop

You should choose an image for the first picture users will see. However, you can add pictures or videos that will provide more useful information about your brand or product.

Then add the product title, price, description, and how many you have in stock.

Add Product on Facebook Shop

To put any product on sale, enable “This product is on sale” tab, and enter its price. Visitors will be able to see this to know what your deal is.

Shipping Price of Facebook Shop

Add Shipping Options

In deciding your Shipping options, you can choose to add any of the following options, but be aware that shipping has to be done within three days from the date the order was placed.

Shipping Options of Facebook Shop

Adjust your Shipping options, adding a price for each along with expected shipment times.

Shipping Options of Facebook Shop

Finally, add a return policy.

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Setting up a Facebook Shop is a step you can never regret. The fact that a new and free digital store with a ready-made audience will inevitably cause a boost to your revenue.

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