Nextsmartship vs Deliverr: Which One Is Best For You?

If you need a fulfillment partner for your eCommerce business, you have probably come across Nextsmartship and Deliverr. They both offer a range of services catering to different business types. Yet, they also vary on other fronts.

Deliverr is a relatively new option that has gained popularity for its low-cost services. Nextsmartship is a more established player famous for its diverse offerings and reliable services. So, which partner is best for you?

This article compares the two companies to help you determine which one is the best order fulfillment solution for your eCommerce business.

What is Nextsmartship?

Nextsmartship provides a simple order fulfillment strategy for online businesses. The company has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, with warehouses in the UK, Germany, Australia, and the USA.

It does all the logistics heavy lifting, packing orders, customs clearance, fulfillment, etc., all at affordable rates.

Nextsmartship also eases the order fulfillment process by providing subscription box fulfillment, crowdfunding, etc.

These all help your business focus on brand awareness and increasing customer satisfaction.

You can enjoy 90 days free storage in NextSmartShip’s fully automated warehouse in Shenzhen and 30 days free storage in other fulfillment centers across the globe.

NextSmartShip has no minimum order quantity requirement, which is super friendly to start-ups.

What is Deliverr?

Deliverr is a dynamic fulfillment company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It specializes in fulfilling orders for eCommerce brands in a fast and efficient way. Its mission is to enable businesses to satisfy customers with fast and cost-effective fulfillment services.

The increase in demand for super-fast solutions comes from major marketplaces that have raised the bar for deliveries.

They pride themselves in delivering Amazon Prime-like services at no extra cost. Deliverr rents warehouse space across the US and stocks them with products that are trending in that area.

Key Features

Customer support

NextSmartShip’s customer support is unique and personalized. It offers a one-on-one experience with one person who knows your business well.

The support representatives operate like an in-house extension of your business. As a result, they can provide unique information relevant to you.

Deliverr offers online support too. You can use their live chat box or send in a contact request in case of any problems. Alternatively, you could browse the help center to find some information that answers your question. They have a broad knowledge base covering several topics like inventory, shipments, etc.

Deliverr also provides an account executive to help get set up on the platform, answer any questions, etc.

Ecommerce platform integrations

Nextsmartship provides seamless integration with top eCommerce platforms and marketplaces internationally. These include eBay, AliExpress, Taobao, Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, etc.

Nextsmartship integrations also involve logistics couriers to ensure they can deliver your goods in time. These include FEDEX, DHL, EMS, Australia Post, etc.

Deliverr, on the other hand, offers one-click integrations with some major tools, marketplaces, product listing tools, and advertising partners. Some of these integrations cover Geekseller, Linnworks, Walmart, eBay, etc.


Nextsmartship provides simple and reliable order fulfillment for eCommerce businesses with no minimum order requirement. They have fulfillment centers worldwide and offer custom packaging to differentiate products.

Located at the center of global manufacturing, the company offers speedy and affordable shipping. They ship through international partners like FedEx, DHL, etc.

Deliverr promises ultra-fast fulfillment solutions for your marketplace orders. You can fulfill your customers’ orders within two days on a range of platforms.The fulfillment services and costs cover receiving your goods, pick and pack, order handling, and shipping across the US.

However, a significant drawback with Deliverr is that they do not own their own fulfillment centers. They work with a network of other warehouse owners to store goods. As a result, you may often experience a few delays, especially in getting support.

What makes Nextsmartship stand out?

Ease of use

NextsmartShip is relatively easier to get started with. After installation, you will automatically track your fulfillment status in real-time and send tracking numbers and updates to customers.

Additionally, the platform integrates with all major eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and shipping carts. This makes it even easier to manage and track orders and inventory.

Furthermore, customer support agents are on hand to help you with any complications should they arise.


Unlike other solutions, NextSmartShip offers high customization. When using the service, they assign a specialized agent who would advise you with company-specific information.

Also, when fulfilling orders, you have the option of using their custom packaging. This service helps small businesses grow their brands. You can choose the right packaging for your brand and even add thank you notes and other promotional material.

On the other hand, Deliverr offers little to no customization due to the low costs, except for a designated support agent. Consequently, there are limited options to grow your brand and differentiate it from competitors. It can also result in low customer satisfaction since they are only getting the bare minimum.

Value-added services

NextSmartShip offers numerous value-added services that help online businesses lower their operational costs. It, therefore, creates a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain. In so doing, it helps improve brand image.

Some of these value-added services include:

A full inspection of products sent. Sometimes manufacturers do not inspect products. With Nextsmartship, they thoroughly check your goods to identify defects that would damage your brand reputation. Additionally, they take inspection photos to ensure the goods meet your requirement.

Protective packaging for fragile products. The company makes sure all fragile items are packed in the right sizes and protective material like bubble wrapping, wooden boxes, etc. It prevents damage and collision during transit.

International fulfillment

Unlike Deliverr, NextSmartShip offers fulfillment services on a global scale. They have centers and partners in the US, China, Australia, Europe, and Hong Kong. So, wherever the destination, you can ship your goods at the most competitive rates globally.

Deliverr, on the other hand, only operates and has its fulfillment centers within the United States. This can be a substantial limiting factor for an international eCommerce store.

NextSmartShip vs. Deliverr Verdict

Whether you are a small business or one seeking to expand internationally, NextSmartShip has the right solutions for you.

Deliverr might over similar services. However, it doesn’t possess the levels of customization, integration, and international reach as NextSmartShip.

All in all, NextSmartShip is the better order fulfillment company. Reach out for custom solutions today.

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