Differences Between Third-party Logistics (3PL) Service and Full-service Fulfillment Center

There are clear benefits to outsource the fulfillment part: lower budget, more convenient, more flexible, etc. With so many companies claiming that they can take care of logistics matters, what kind of fulfillment service do you need? What do they mean when companies call themselves “3PL” or “full-service fulfillment center”?

Freight forwarders, courier companies, and other companies which offer subcontracted logistics and transportation services are collectively called third-party logistics (3PL). Although 3PL has some overlaps with full-service fulfillment center’s services, most 3PL companies focus on basic functions of logistics(pick and pack, warehousing, distribution, etc.) when full-service fulfillment centers provide more comprehensive services.

As a full-service fulfillment center, NextSmartShip has the following features which make it very different than a standard 3PL.

3PL Service and Full-service Fulfillment Center

Tailor-made fulfillment solution

It’s a little different from one-stop fulfillment services, more inclined to “suitable” instead of variety. A full-service fulfillment center normally owns a dedicated team to develop professional fulfillment solutions for customers, regardless of the business size. The solution includes several links, steps, recommended shipping methods and multiple optional transit warehouses to ensure the whole fulfillment process is affordable, efficient and improve customer satisfaction. The most suitable fulfillment solution should have the following features.

  • Cost-effective: recommend different transportation mode for different destination countries or areas, provide low-cost warehousing service (e.g. 90 days free storage)
  • Fast: manage the warehouses in the most organized way, handle all the packages within 24 hours. Always has a plan B to cope with logistics peak seasons and complex policy changes.
  • Automated: develop integration for most eCommerce platforms, one-click sync orders, inventory info, tracking numbers, etc.
  • Branding-friendly: help to establish the brand-awareness with good quality control, custom packaging and re-marketing purpose gift sending.
  • Flexible: be able to expand as the business grows

World-wide warehouses, more flexible fulfillment solution

Fulfillment centers connect manufacturers and global consumers, NextSmartShip has multiple fulfillment centers in the USA, Europe and China, providing more shipping options. 

7 warehouses, 2 days shipping.

  1. Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  2. Hong Kong, China
  3. Los Angeles, California, USA
  4. San Francisco, California, USA
  5. New York, New York, USA
  6. Germany
  7. United Kingdom

As most eCommerce business owners know, a lot of platforms including Amazon are consumer-oriented, they care more about the consumers’ shopping experiences and satisfaction. So they have strict control of shipping time. 2 days shipping ensures the items can be sold on any platform with strict shipping policy and consumers will be amazed when they see them appear on their doorsteps so quickly.

Being a true logistics partner

NextSmartShip is not just an out-sourced fulfillment, we are your logistics partner. NextSmartShip owns a fulfillment adviser team composed of experts with years of experience and a customer service team that can assign a dedicated account manager for every customer. We care about your business like it is our own, service is our priority.

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