Shipwire Vs. NextSmartShip: 2020 Feature and Pricing Comparison

With the world gradually shifting to digitization where needs can be delivered right at your doorstep, the business of parcel shipping is geometrically booming. According to the report given by Statista, over 87 billion order fulfillments have been completed yearly since 2018. However, China has taken the top spot in global shipping.

There are tons of eCommerce agencies in the world, like ShipWire, NextSmartShip, etc. However, the top spot for China is because there are many fulfillment services companies with a global point of view.

When it comes to choosing the best fulfillment company to work, there are some points to bring to bear, asides location. The three pillars that stay as the hallmark of a genuine fulfillment company are its ability to; pick & pack, store, and ship without hassles.

Arguably, NextSmartShip stands to be the best in these. However, comparing it with a leading counterpart like ShipWire will show how right it is.

Shipwire Vs. NextSmartShip 2020 Feature and Pricing Comparision

A Complete Comparison

Be clear that ShipWire and NextSmartShip are at the global front row of offering the best order fulfillment services. They both endeavor to give an A-class service by offering flexible plans for eCommerce agencies.

However, there are few facts that make NextSmartShip the smartest alternative for ShipWire. These facts are briefly highlighted below;

Software & IntegrationsFree + unlimited integrationsFree + unlimited integrations
Receiving FeeIt seems as though they don’t charge a receiving fee. But the receiving fee is charged in their per-item ship fees. Hence, it varies per item ordered.Free
Handling FeePicking Fee: The first item picking fee is $2.85, $0.95 for each additional pick for the first 50 orders.
$2.25 picking fee for the next 50 orders and $0.75 for each additional pick
Inserts: $0.20 per insert encompass flyers, marketing material, or inner packaging
$0.99/order, including picking & packing, packing materials, sticker fee, promotional inserts and other
Storage FeePay by month90 days free storage for any item
Minimum Pick and Pack FeeUndisclosed.
However, their pick and pack fees apply for up to 20 items per order
No minimum
ShippingHeavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrierHeavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier
Fulfillment Center LocationsThe USA, The UK, Netherlands, Australia, China, and CanadaShenzhen, Hong Kong, USA, Europe, and Australia

ShipWire vs. NextSmartShip: Similarities

These two have some of the best fulfillment centers around the world with global coverage. Asides this, they have a few similarities when compared on the average ground level. Let’s check out some the similarities they share;


A standard fulfillment company can be known by the number of warehouses it has around the world for a global reach. Both ShipWire and NextSmartShip have several warehousing options to ensure they offer top-notch customer service.

However, NextSmartShip exceeds ShipWire when it comes to displaying outstanding warehouse management.

Software Integration

Nobody wants to go through a complicated route of order management. Through unlimited charts and market integration structures, both ShipWire and NextSmartShip provide timely and easy to use order management. Their software integrates well with eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Spotify, Magneto, WooCommerce, etc., while they ensure that the setup is free.

Dedicate Brand Manager

Having stated that the hallmark of a genuine fulfillment company is its ability to pick and pack, store and ship without hassles, ShipWire and NextSmartShip excel well in this aspect. They ensure to give satisfactory customer service to their eCommerce agencies and their buyers.

However, NextSmartShip edges when it comes to transparency, as they are known to ensure they keep their clients and customers in the know of their decisions.

ShipWire vs. NextSmartShip: Key Differences

There are some things that shipping companies might have in common. However, they have different modes of operation. The following are the differences between them;

Receiving Fee

Inventory management from fulfillment centers is to see to it that orders from suppliers are well-processed to arrive safely at the warehouse. This only happens with a charge. However, different companies, based on an hourly rate or unit basis, have a way they charge.

ShipWire mode of doing this isn’t a clearly stated one. What they do is by initially adding it to your shipping fees of each item. NextSmartShip has a different approach to this. They make their order fulfillment cost-effective so that their customers don’t get overwhelmed by shipping cost

 Hence, they offer a free receiving process.

Picking Fee and Inserts

In the process of picking and packing customers’ orders to be stored for shipping, some retailers also add inserts.

In this facet, ShipWire offers a picking fee of $2.85 for your first 50 orders and $0.95 for each additional item. In each order, you also have to pay $0.2 for inserts that are not more than a specific measurement.

When compared to NextSmartShip, it is quite an expensive and stressful way of dealing. NextSmartShip offers a streamlined approach where the picking, package, and the inserts fees have been combined into a single charge. With an affordable handling fee of $0.99, all the hassles will be cleared.

Storage Fee

All shipping agencies pay for inventory and warehouse management to guarantee the safety of their buyers’ goods. The payment differs based on the space it takes to secure your products.

NextSmartShip ensure that their customers are not jerked into a perplexed mood by offering 90 days of free storage. While Shipwire do not offer free warehousing.

How NextSmartShip Stands Out in the Comparison?

ShipWire and NextSmartShip indeed share a lot of similarities and fewer differences. However, people that seal with online stores like to be informed about who they are dealing with and everything about what they offer.

This is where NextSmartShip comes in. They ensure that both eCommerce owners and their buyers are kept updated about everything about their goods during the process of delivery. It’s about transparency, trust, and convenience. NextSmartShip edges ShipWire by a mile when it comes to these features.

Final Verdict!

NextSmartShip is distinct because of its outstanding customer service and a ready ability to make customers happy. The company offers reasonable pricing for exceptional delivery. Choose the best fulfillment solution now!

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