Strengthen Brand Identity with Value-added Services

In strengthening brand identity, value-added services provided by order fulfillment companies can significantly keep operations cost low and increase revenues, creating a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain for your online e-commerce store. It can also directly influence your buyers’ willingness to purchase, which would make you stand out in the races with other eCommerce owners.

Why do you need value-added services?

  1. Reducing your online business operation costs. In spite of the economic growth of China in recent years, gaps between China and developed countries in terms of order fulfillment costs and industrialization exist. In China, labor costs and material costs are comparatively affordable. Many developed companies would charge more with value-added services arising from labor and material. NextSmartShip is a china-based order fulfillment company, start-up friendly for branding.
  2. Being committed to core business growth. By outsourcing order fulfillment companies that provide value-added services, eCommerce companies can focus on the brand-building they are engaged in, thus enhancing the competitiveness of their core businesses.
  3. Taking advantage of advanced technology of order fulfillment companies to save money. Order fulfillment operations depend on advanced facilities and information management systems. With order fulfillment companies, it can greatly reduce the huge cost of enterprises in this field, such as annual expenditure on bar code system, API integration software, tracking info system and others.
Strengthen Brand Identity with Value-added Service

What value-added services do we provide?

Special protection for fragile products: Pack the order in the right sizes and add additional protective packaging materials, such as wooden boxes, bubble wrapping, foam, airbags and others helping against motion and collision during transportation. A customized wooden box keeps a dozen wines intact while saving space to keep costs low.

Inspection photo taking: Take a photo of your products from different angles and numbers required. Sometimes, samples and actual output by your manufactures are slightly different. Before sending it to the consumers, we would take the inspection photos to you to make sure if the slight error meets your requirements.

Stick SKU bar code (labeling): Print and stick SKU labels on each product. SKU does not count in many people’s eyes. But it is for inventory and sales records purposes. You can adjust your branding campaign strategy accordingly. It’s better to stick the SKU bar code before sending goods from your suppliers to our warehouses. Otherwise, we would handle it for you.

Full inspection: Make a thorough inspection of the products sent from manufacturers one by one. Most manufacturers would not inspect the products for their benefits. A thorough check by order fulfillment company would help identify product defects. If your buyers are given defect goods, it would impose a negative effect on the reputation of your brands.  

Customized packaging: Originally designed package plays a crucial role in branding and some festivals. Choosing packaging substances, paper, plastic, aluminum is crucial. You should know how to market the products with these different materials. For commercialized products, adding catalogs and thank you notes to each box for product promotion.

Kitting and assembly: Teaming up different SKUs into a single unit is common for most sellers. For example, if you are managing an online makeup store, selling 3 unique items in a bundle “mascara, eyeliner & lipstick” for party earns you more dollars. While it is in the favor, it can be complicated and confusing, in the need of technology-driven inventory management system.

If value-added services listed above are not in your urgent needs, NextSmartShip’s standard fulfillment can meet your basic requirements. It offers affordable handling fees, including receiving, counting, sampling inspection, etc., plus free 3-month storage and delivery fee from China to the global world. Now, click here to go for business growth.

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